Makeup Review: 4 Ways To Revive Your Beauty Routine


Just recently my makeup line Entitled Beauty was mentioned in a beauty article on  Beauty Brite “4 Ways To Revive Your Beauty Routine”. It’s always nice to hear feedback from beauty bloggers, beauty influencers, clients, and customers.


I recently had the chance to try products from two brands. I’ve only received them within the last few weeks and am having so much fun using them! I am so excited to share 4 ways to revive your beauty routine!  When a new month or even a new season rolls around, I am reminded to take a look at my beauty and makeup products. I like to rotate my products as needed and as my mood changes! When it comes to makeup, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want.  I like to have fun with my looks!

Add a pop of color to your lips

I rarely wear lip gloss, however, I do like to add a pop of color! I chose two lip glosses that stood out to me: Spoiled and Gurl Bye.


The first one I tried was Spoiled. I found the color to be bold and a smidge darker than I would normally wear. Still, I love the color!


Then, I tried the metallic color, Gurl Bye! I really like this color. It definitely is metallic and on the lighter side. I love that it doesn’t wash out my lips, it adds a nice subtle color with a touch of metallic!

Highlight your look

I love wearing a highlighter! It adds a nice glow to my look! I chose Resting Bitch Face, I mean, how could I not?!


I love the subtle highlight that I get, especially in the right lighting. However, I am unsure about the added color that I get from wearing Resting Bitch Face! I can easily use this as a blush or even as a bronzer because it is tinted and adds a naturally tan-like glow! Resting-Bitch-Face-highlighter

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