Small Business Owners Struggling During Pandemic But A Recent Sign From God Has Lifted Their Spirits

Entitled Beauty Cosmetics Founders; Brandy Gomez-Duplessis & Johnny Luoma

As a small online business owner of Entitled Beauty Cosmetics these days it’s been scary not knowing if we will have to give up our passion and dreams. With putting on a mask to leave the house wearing makeup or a full face of makeup is not happening as much. So items like lipsticks, lip-gloss and highlighters are not being seeing on a typical full face beat.

So some days we have anxiety if we will be able to stay in business because the beauty industry is being challenged right now. But every time we get that feeling, God tells my partner and I, y’all ain’t going nowhere. Just recently one of LA Top Celebrity Makeup artists Adam Christopher worked with Shai Jackson on Dancing With the Stars and now Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna. On both talent, Adam used products from our makeup line Entitled Beauty Cosmetics. He was God sent because he allowed our makeup to be shown on primetime TV. We’re just an online business not a brand that’s in SEPHORA, ULTA or a department store. And Adam grabbed our products to use on television and on his clients.

Here LA Makeup Artist Adam is using Entitled Beauty Cosmetics on Skai Jackson for her performance on Dancing With The Stars
Resting Bitch Face Spotlight Highlighter is Entitled Beauty Cosmetics Best Seller, the name doesn’t hurt.

Disney Star & Actress Skai Jackson wearing Entitled Beauty Cosmetics on Dancing With The Stars

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna is wearing Resting Bitch Face Spotlight Highlighter from Entitle Beauty Cosmetics

Royalty Glamxurious Lipgloss from Entitled Beauty Cosmetics

Melanin All Nighter Liquid Lipstick from Entitled Beauty Cosmetics
Yes Bitch All Nighter Liquid Lipstick from Entitled Beauty Cosmetics

Society Gal Body Shimmer from Entitled Beauty Cosmetics

So, if you’re a small business owner out there, hang in there. Don’t give up! If you’re still hanging on then God has a plan for you. I’m so glad that Johnny and I have each other. When we have down days at different times we have each other to lift the others spirits.

Soon, orders will be coming in. God got us.

See Ya Bye & Luv U Mean It!

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