Easter Weekend in Florida

Since my schedule was very light this weekend I decided that this would be a perfect time to get away in enjoy some FAB time in Florida, my second home. I wanted to bronze up my boogie down brown skin for the beautiful spring weather. I luv when I am able to get a little quality time with the family. The only 2 people missing was @misssassy380 in her mother and @jlscloset was a few hours away somewhere else in Florida. I think everybody needed some beach in sun time. It was a needed weekend I enjoyed every GLAMXURIOUS minute of it.




Working B.E.T. SOS for Haiti Benefit Concert in Miami

I was back in Florida working for Superbowl weekend. On this trip my teen daughter was my guest & personal assistant. As some as you all know my daughter is very opposite from me, a late bloomer, very quiet, very serious, not big on taking lots of pictures every 5 mins (like me), and not big on makeup. 

Early morning stroll on the beach

Off my baby girl and I go to Miami,  while intown working for Superbowl weekend I actually donated my time doing makeup for BET Television Haiti Benefit Concert. Envy didn’t want to take a lot of pose pictures so I don’t have a lot of pics from the trip. Plus, I just wanted to focus on her, a girls trip so I didn’t push it. So while I worked she met some of the celebrities I was hired to do makeup on. Some of the celebs took her with them to sound check she actually watching Justin Bieber, what a treat! We had a great trip, we did some shopping, pampered ourselves only a little and ate a LOT!

Below I posted the 2 videos that we took on the floor of Justin Bieber while at soundcheck for the BET Haiti Benefit Concert in Miami. At one point when he came toward Envy singing, she got excited…and this is when Bieber Fever began for both my daughter and I.

At soundcheck with Justin Bieber
Envy Gomez-Duplessis backstage with Pete Wentz
Chris Brown with Envy Gomez-Duplessis backstage
Brandy Gomez-Duplessis backstage with Joey Fatone

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Envy Gomez-Duplessis, Robin Thicke, and Brandy Gomez-Duplessis backstage

Envy Gomez-Duplessis backstage with Jason Derulo

Common backstage with Envy Gomez-Duplessis


Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis works in New York and part time in New Orleans. Brandy has worked with celebrities like: Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Washington, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Michelle Williams,Julianne Nicholson, Jordin Sparks, Angela Bassett, Barbara Walters, Edie Falco, Robert Redford, TV Personality Free, and Reshma Shetty. Brandy recently worked on Project Runway All-Stars Season 2, Lifetime “Project Runway” Promo Photo shoot,  E News,  MTV TV Show Hip Hop Pov, Ralph Lauren and Victoria Secret New Angel Cris Urena, Ebony Magazine, Real Simple Magazine June 2012 issue, Stila Beauty Event, Fox and Friends Saturday, NBA All-Star Weekend 2012, Donna Karan Fashion Show, DKNY Fashion Show, Keva J Swimwear Look Book, Mercedes Benz Fashion Show, New York Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival 2012, VH-1 Divas, Real Simple Magazine Holiday Pop Up Store in Bryant Park, GLAMOUR Magazine #WOTY, OPRAH O YOU, L’OREAL Paris, Project Runway 2011 Finale, VOGUE TV, Sperry Top-Sider, Burberry Beauty, International Latino Film Festival, Essence Music Festival, New York Post and more. Brandy has worked with Connecticut and New York top affluent and influential; Donna Karan International, St. George’s Society of New York Royal Wedding Bash, The English Ball for Burberry, world renowned event planner Marcy Blum, NY award winning CeCi Johnson, Women Of New York, and much more. Keep up with Brandy by reading her personal blog “Inside the Life of a Makeup Artist” or follow her glamxurious tweets.

THEME SONG: Just Live Your Life

Hey Baby Girl (Miss Sassy) this one’s for you. Tonight when our theme song came on at dinner I almost had tears that you were not out here in Florida with me.

We had adopted this song at the NBA VH1-Pepsi Smash Superbowl Bash when our girl Rhianna hit the stage and just the entire time we were in Tampa this song played. We had such an amazing time in Tampa, VIP all the way. Being the makeup artist for such a great event and hanging out with so many amazing people we were just living our life. Living the life of a GLAM MAKEUP ARTIST…and I was glad to have Miss Sassy there to hold me down. Especially backstage on stage with the Fall Out Boys…keeping the shine off these guys:)) Did I tell y’all that Pete only let me put makeup on him cuz he thought I was cute;))

Anyway, just wish you were in South Beach with me…no I take that back cuz you were mad that you had to come back to NOLA after being in Tampa…you would really love it here!!! I am calling DJ IRIE and Suzie tonight.


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The Kardashians Girls Does South Beach

By now you have heard that Khloe & Kourtney Kardashians will be opening their retail store DASH in South Beach Miami. Mama Kris Jenner was smart to make this a spin-off show for the girls.

About a two weeks ago I shared with you that I have been getting lots of calls from brides in Florida (South Beach & West Palm Beach). Well today one of the brides is flying me out to do a bridal consultation for her upcoming wedding. In the past my Florida brides have all been GLAM over the top brides. The makeup look that all the brides have asked me for is the Kim Kardashian look. The makeup look that I did on Kim Kardashian was her favorite look, dark eyes and light lip with lashes. Mama Kris loved the dark eyes I gave her and now everybody always ask me to give them that same look.

As you know I have been spending a lot of time in Florida lately, wouldn’t it be great if I get a call from the STYLE NETWORK or Ryan Seacrest Production to do makeup again for the girls on Khloe and Kourtney new reality show! The Kardashians girls does Florida an so does Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. But I do hope to do makeup for the OCEAN DRIVE MAGAZINE soon. I love OCEAN DRIVE magazine, I buy it faithfully every month. Everything and everybody so beautiful in it.



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On the Road Again

I am sitting here or was sitting here people
watching while I wait for my next flight
which is 1 hour and 15 mins. I have another
L'Oreal assignment and this time I am heading
to Tampa, Florida. I am getting in around 12am
so I really should eat something but I ate
earlier and then snacked on the plane.I
know when I get in I am going to be
hungry and have a migraine but I am so
not hungry.

I hope this will be a great trip and the people
in Tampa are a fun group that love makeup.
So, Ill keep you posted and will be home
on Monday. Of course…I have my camera

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist