THEME SONG: Just Live Your Life

Hey Baby Girl (Miss Sassy) this one’s for you. Tonight when our theme song came on at dinner I almost had tears that you were not out here in Florida with me.

We had adopted this song at the NBA VH1-Pepsi Smash Superbowl Bash when our girl Rhianna hit the stage and just the entire time we were in Tampa this song played. We had such an amazing time in Tampa, VIP all the way. Being the makeup artist for such a great event and hanging out with so many amazing people we were just living our life. Living the life of a GLAM MAKEUP ARTIST…and I was glad to have Miss Sassy there to hold me down. Especially backstage on stage with the Fall Out Boys…keeping the shine off these guys:)) Did I tell y’all that Pete only let me put makeup on him cuz he thought I was cute;))

Anyway, just wish you were in South Beach with me…no I take that back cuz you were mad that you had to come back to NOLA after being in Tampa…you would really love it here!!! I am calling DJ IRIE and Suzie tonight.

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