French Quarter Festival with Family

Today was family day at The French Quarter Festival well at least for us. We thought this would also be a great day for Envy friend Justin to come hang out with us. That way we could all get to know each other. I was hoping that @misssassy380 was going to join us but she was with her BF at the French Quarter Festival and not mama so that was out since he is not a fan. Could not ask for better weather on this day. Envy had to warn Justin that pictures would be taken every 5 mins. But she forgot to warn him that I would run into somebody I know every 3 step I take….he teased me about that.
First stop for me was the Little Tokyo booth so I could get my PO-BOY ROLLS. I was out of luck so upsetting so I had to get something else on the menu but I did manage to get the Southern Comfort Mango Freeze.

Baby girl Jamielynn @jlscloset had plan to meet up with us plus she wanted to meet Envy friend in talk about the prom with her…Justin passed her test. He’s a great kid very well manner….I like him a lot!

Since my Southern Comfort Mango Freeze was so tiny I need to get another refresher. We went to get a daiquiri; Margarita & Peach Bellini mixed. We walked off our lunch so stopping for snacks wasn’t going to hurt. The kids all wanted Cafe Du Monde. After 5 hours of walking, eating, and drinking it was time to head home. French Quarter Festival was a success!

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French Quarter Festival with Hubby

After finish working with one of my favorite brides I went over to the office to meet up with hubby and we decided since we both finished up early enough we would go enjoy ourselves at the French Quarter Festival. Called Lane to see if he was at work @whiskeybluenola passed by to say hi since he’s two blocks away from the office. Always hard working of course so he couldn’t come out to join us on this beautiful day.

Lauren, one of the bartender at Whiskey Blue made me a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” it has @barcadi strawberry dragon berry in it. A flavor that helps to give it that girlie drink that I luv. So I took one for the road, as you know it’s New Orleans you can take it to go. We grabbed dinner at The French Quarter Festival, I got my favorite, PO-BOY ROLLS at the Little Tokyo booth. = “UA-3446372-1”;urchinTracker();