French Quarter Festival with Family

Today was family day at The French Quarter Festival well at least for us. We thought this would also be a great day for Envy friend Justin to come hang out with us. That way we could all get to know each other. I was hoping that @misssassy380 was going to join us but she was with her BF at the French Quarter Festival and not mama so that was out since he is not a fan. Could not ask for better weather on this day. Envy had to warn Justin that pictures would be taken every 5 mins. But she forgot to warn him that I would run into somebody I know every 3 step I take….he teased me about that.
First stop for me was the Little Tokyo booth so I could get my PO-BOY ROLLS. I was out of luck so upsetting so I had to get something else on the menu but I did manage to get the Southern Comfort Mango Freeze.

Baby girl Jamielynn @jlscloset had plan to meet up with us plus she wanted to meet Envy friend in talk about the prom with her…Justin passed her test. He’s a great kid very well manner….I like him a lot!

Since my Southern Comfort Mango Freeze was so tiny I need to get another refresher. We went to get a daiquiri; Margarita & Peach Bellini mixed. We walked off our lunch so stopping for snacks wasn’t going to hurt. The kids all wanted Cafe Du Monde. After 5 hours of walking, eating, and drinking it was time to head home. French Quarter Festival was a success!

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