I Got To Try On New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Ring

Last Wednesday @misssassy380 and I were one of a few in New Orleans to see The Official New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Ring right after it was received. @misssassy380 selected for us to have girl bonding night @RooseveltNO .We went to dinner to catch up, talk about Essence Music Festival & Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami. After dinner we moved over to the bar enjoying our 5th Bellini’s.
A few familiar faces started coming into the bar all carrying my favorite, a sky blue Tiffany & Co bag. Of course we both recognized that bag. In March the kids and I purchased Miss Sassy birthday gifts from there. So when the guys and their wives came over by us, Miss Sassy asked if that was the rings, of course we could only ask but to try the ring on.
My buddy Garrett Hartley was so excited that night. He kept hugging me and he was so cute saying he now has juice to request me to be his makeup artist for now on. I don’t think I ever seeing him with that much bling. I met Garrett when he wasn’t playing so I really didn’t know much about what position he played. But I am proud of him. Ladies…he’s a sweet young baby.
The ring is glamxurious…those diamonds are heavy. My little finger was hurting the next day…lol.
How amazing to share that moment with baby girl…
In the proud tradition on honoring achievement, Tiffany & Co., creator of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl XLIV championship rings, introduces the New Orleans Saints collection, featuring the Super Bowl XLIV champions’ commemorative logo. Products are available exclusively online or by calling 800.843.3269http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js_uacct = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();
L’OREAL Paris Pro Makeup Artist
contributor writer for Anti-Bride & Destination I Do Bridal Magazine
New Orleans & Miami Top Wedding Makeup Artist

New Orleans Celebrity Makeup Artist Kicks off her year like the New Orleans Saints

Thanks Vincent Sylvain at The New Orleans Agenda for spotlighting me in your newsletter.

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March 8, 2010 – New Orleans “Who Dat Nation” has rubbed off on New Orleans’ Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. Brandy was once an underdog in the beauty industry but this hidden gem in New Orleans is now shining brightly in the beauty industry. Showing the world that New Orleans is not just known for, “Lil Wayne”, “Mardi Gras” and “Bourbon Street”, Gomez-Duplessis has begun to secure some highly noted clients in the world of sports, fashion, and entertainment.

After completing a three month makeup tour with L’OREAL Paris, Gomez-Duplessis kicked off the New Year by representing L’OREAL Paris at Sundance Film Festival 2010 in Park City, Utah. Brandy, an L’OREAL Paris Pro Makeup Artist, worked the Entertainment Weekly lounge presented by L’OREAL Paris. In the Entertainment Weekly lounge Gomez-Duplessis provided makeup on L’OREAL Paris spokes model Kerry Washington, Actress Edie Falco, Kathryn Erbe, Amy Ryan, Actor Elijah Wood, Josh Hutcherson, Samuel Jackson, Rock Singer Cherie Currie, R&B Singer John Legend and many more.
In February, Gomez-Duplessis left the snow and headed to the sunny sizzling south-Miami, to be a part of Super bowl weekend where The New Orleans Saints won the championship. This is Gomez-Duplessis second year with Viacom networks doing makeup for Super bowl weekend. While in Miami, Florida Gomez-Duplessis also worked behind the scenes at B.E.T. SOS Haiti Benefit Concert at the American Airlines Arena.
Gomez-Duplessis said she wanted to be a part of the actual benefit because she wanted to do more than just simply make a cash donation to Yele Haiti and Red Cross. “I know first-hand what the people in Haiti are going through” says Gomez-Duplessis. On August 29, 2005 Gomez-Duplessis life was disrupted by Hurricane Katrina losing her home and her 1200 sq ft makeup studio in New Orleans. “I know what it’s like to lose everything only saving what’s on your back. In 2005 instead of saving clothing I grabbed my makeup brushes,” Gomez-Duplessis said.
Mid-February Gomez-Duplessis headed out to Dallas to work with NBA Entertainment as the Key Makeup Artist for the NBA All-Star weekend. Gomez-Duplessis brought her same makeup team back to help assist her with the 3 day lineup of music artists and NBA Fan Patrol cheerleaders. Gomez-Duplessis says “the NBA Entertainment is very good to me. They treat me like an A-List makeup artist, travel expenses and car service the entire time. I enjoyed working with the Key Hair Stylist Maisha Teacher out of New York because we brain storm about the different looks that everyone will get. I love challenging myself and working at a fast pace,” adds Gomez-Duplessis.
Gomez-Duplessis spends a lot of time in Miami, Florida working as a top makeup artist. Last year “I was The Key Makeup Artist for “ED HARDY & True Religion” designers during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami-Swim. Can’t wait to see which designers will call me to be the Key Makeup Artist this year for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. My goal is to work with Kelly Cutrone of People Revolution, that’s when you know you made it because she’s the Queen Bee in the fashion industry,” says Gomez-Duplessis.
Gomez-Duplessis also writes a beauty column for “Anti Bride” and “Destination I Do” bridal magazines. Both ladies, Carolyn Gerin and Jennifer Stein gave her the title Wedding Makeup Artist Guru, laughs Gomez-Duplessis. Her online fashion blog “Black Tie Stiletto” is a new baby and her daily blog “Inside the Life of a Makeup Artist” allows her clients to keep up with her as she travels and works behind the scenes at photo shoots and other assignments.
So don’t sleep on this New Orleans makeup artist because she will continue to Finish Strong like the New Orleans Saints. Keep up with Gomez-Duplessis on her website www.bgdmakeupartistry.com

L’OREAL Men Hydra Energetic Eye Roller

After an amazing night and weekend of partying, I am sure The New Orleans Saints as well as so many men especially in New Orleans can use this new item from L’OREAL PARISMen Hydra Energetic Eye Roller.
I was able to introduce the eye roller at Sundance Film Festival 2010 to so many of the male celebrities in the Entertainment Weekly lounge presented by L’OREAL PARIS. Such celebrities like Elijah Wood, Samuel Jacksson, John Legend, Dax Sheppard, Josh Hutcherson, Crispin Glover and many more all liked the eye roller. The guys all said it was easy to use in that it was an item that they could really use to help give them that wake up look. Especially while being at Sundance in all the late night parties.

This is an must have item that makeup artist should stock in their makeup kit for their men clients. A great item for under eye circles and puffiness for men. It’s an easy to apply serum that absorbs quickly and it works right away. Some of the top ingredients in this magic eye roller are; Vitamin C, Caffeine, and Peppermint Leaf. So when I work with my ball player clients again on their next photo shoot I will make sure that Reggie Bush, Brett Favre, and Chris Paul, all get their personal L’OREAL Hydra Energetic Eye Roller to give them that refereshing wake up look.

written by: New Orleans Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, L’OREAL Paris PRO MAKEUP ARTIST

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