I Got To Try On New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Ring

Last Wednesday @misssassy380 and I were one of a few in New Orleans to see The Official New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Ring right after it was received. @misssassy380 selected for us to have girl bonding night @RooseveltNO .We went to dinner to catch up, talk about Essence Music Festival & Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami. After dinner we moved over to the bar enjoying our 5th Bellini’s.
A few familiar faces started coming into the bar all carrying my favorite, a sky blue Tiffany & Co bag. Of course we both recognized that bag. In March the kids and I purchased Miss Sassy birthday gifts from there. So when the guys and their wives came over by us, Miss Sassy asked if that was the rings, of course we could only ask but to try the ring on.
My buddy Garrett Hartley was so excited that night. He kept hugging me and he was so cute saying he now has juice to request me to be his makeup artist for now on. I don’t think I ever seeing him with that much bling. I met Garrett when he wasn’t playing so I really didn’t know much about what position he played. But I am proud of him. Ladies…he’s a sweet young baby.
The ring is glamxurious…those diamonds are heavy. My little finger was hurting the next day…lol.
How amazing to share that moment with baby girl…
In the proud tradition on honoring achievement, Tiffany & Co., creator of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl XLIV championship rings, introduces the New Orleans Saints collection, featuring the Super Bowl XLIV champions’ commemorative logo. Products are available exclusively online or by calling 800.843.3269http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js_uacct = “UA-3446372-1”; urchinTracker();
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