What Item Do You Get Excited About Scoring During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Eimg_0401very time my husband or my son leaves our beach house to go to the store I’m always reminding them to check for LYSOLDisinfecting Wipes, Sprays or any kind of cleaning products they can find.

During the pandemic besides lots of alcohol, and David’s sunflower seeds, LYSOL cleaning products is always on my list.

Because of my health (Lupus, RA, Asthma and Hypertension) I don’t leave the house. I have been in this house now for 45 days and I don’t plan to leave until it’s safe. I don’t even chance walking to the beach, nada. I get my fresh air by having the Lanai doors open while I’m sitting on the living room sofa.

So, when the guys come home they strip in the laundry room, shoes off and clothes in the wash, then they dash off upstairs. And like a crazy woman, I follow wiping down anything that they could have touched along the way. I probably have the cleanest floors in the world because I also wipe them down daily with my LYSOL wipes. I go through these wipes because I’m so afraid of bringing germs in the house.


When they come back from the store, I take one item at at time and I’m wiping down each box, or meat, or bags before it goes in my refrigerator or my kitchen cabinet. Here in Hawaii we bring our own bags so I spray them down with Lysol and let them air dry in the laundry room. Before being quarantine, I kept a container of Lysol in my car, in the kitchen, in the laundry room and each bathroom has a container. I was always a person that was scared of getting any virus, again because of my health, so I’m use to living in a bubble. Now…it’s out of control. I find myself still picking up germs from my family and I have many horrible flare up’s and have been using Albuterol more now since then ever. So, I can never run out of LYSOL, this is why it’s a big deal for me to always have.

What do you get excited about scoring from the store?


My Regular Monday Doctor Visit With My Pulmonologist

Have you ever heard someone say that their body hurt when it rain. Well, I’m that person, change of weather affects my body, my joints. I woke up this morning feeling horrible so I knew it was raining. I struggled to get out of bed for my morning doctor appointment. I’m only looking forward to going because I’m suppose to get results from my latest CT Scan that was done on Dec 7th  at Northeast Radiology. I did the best that I could with hair & makeup but I still looked a hot mess.
I always hate doing the spirometry lungs function test, it takes everything out of me. You have to breathe so hard into the mouthpiece that sometimes it leaves me feeling dizzy like I’m going to faint.
 I did get some good news as well as bad news but the most important my nodules are getting smaller in size.  I’ll be back in this same room next Monday Dec 14th after my appointment with my ENT. Hopefully sinuses surgery won’t be needed.