My Regular Monday Doctor Visit With My Pulmonologist

Have you ever heard someone say that their body hurt when it rain. Well, I’m that person, change of weather affects my body, my joints. I woke up this morning feeling horrible so I knew it was raining. I struggled to get out of bed for my morning doctor appointment. I’m only looking forward to going because I’m suppose to get results from my latest CT Scan that was done on Dec 7th  at Northeast Radiology. I did the best that I could with hair & makeup but I still looked a hot mess.
I always hate doing the spirometry lungs function test, it takes everything out of me. You have to breathe so hard into the mouthpiece that sometimes it leaves me feeling dizzy like I’m going to faint.
 I did get some good news as well as bad news but the most important my nodules are getting smaller in size.  I’ll be back in this same room next Monday Dec 14th after my appointment with my ENT. Hopefully sinuses surgery won’t be needed.

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