Connecticut Bloggers “Holiday Soiree” At Flora Restaurant

img_6165-2Tonight I’m headed out to Connecticut Bloggers Collective also known as Connecticut Bloggers Babes, Holiday Soiree bash. I’m just so elated that Connecticut have a great group for bloggers from all over the state. When I first moved to Connecticut one of the first thing I did was look on the internet to see if there was any blogging group. I actually found one and then later discovered Connecticut Bloggers Collective. In August of this year I went to their first brunch for the bloggers in Connecticut and about 25 bloggers showed up. Tonight, about 100 bloggers turned up and out at FLORA Plant Food + Drink. Besides attending the event, we at Entitled Beauty was also one of the sponsors for the VIP goodie bag. My date for the evening was Connecticut Lifestyle Blogger Pam Rosario with PR*Love *Style* Life.



It’s always nice to attend events that catered to bloggers because we can just be us and not worry about pulling out cameras for everything. Yes, we do live in the moment we just have an eye to live in the moment faster and then we capture it to share with you all. My table crew for the evening was Pam from PR*Love*Style*Life, Christine from Vigor And Vogue Blog and Gem with Food Drinks Life. Later cousin Ilse with Live Learn Luxe It will join us, she was stuck in that horrible traffic.


First thing first, cocktails please…I ordered the Hibiscus Cosmo and the girls all ordered the Apple Cider Sangria.  My drink was ok so later I ordered my signature a glass of prosecco.


I was a little worried at first because I saw the word vegan when I looked up the restaurant because I don’t eat healthy. I was like I’m not going to find anything that I would want to eat. But I found 2 dishes that I event went back for seconds. It was the COD and the fried cauliflower. Can I just tell  how delicious both dishes was. So if you see this on their menu GET IT!


Now our table is complete. Ilse finally arrived you know we’re always together, Nicole from Nicole In Colour and PT Tran from Phasion Therapy.


Some of the ladies (@Simply_Bonita  @theheartofaflower@nicoleincolour  ) enjoying their Entitled Beauty mineral liquid lipsticks that was in their goodies bags.


Christine & Nicole are putting on their Entitled Beauty mineral liquid lipsticks…Entitled Beauty Babes



@naomiperk let me personally put her Entitled Beauty mineral liquid lipstick on her


In my goodie bag I luv my gift from April Marin these fab black Furry Paw Gloves. If you like these gloves and watt to do some shopping, Use coupon code: CTBlogger.

I also received a sample size Body Serum from Java Skincare. I love their products this Serum is great to keep my skin from looking dry and ashy.


That’s a wrap! A beautiful evening hosted by the fabulous Nonee. Thanks for putting all of Connecticut amazing bloggers together.

Brides Get Your Basic Invite Custom Stationary For Your Wedding

Basic Invite Logo

I’m a stationary girl. I love to create beautiful words on note cards and send them to my girlfriends for any occasion. There is something intimate and personal about hand written notes on beautiful paper. One of those special occasions that women love stationary for is their wedding day. Brides are now so creative with elaborate wedding themes that having nontraditional wedding stationary has become a trend. Why be limited with standard invitations when anything your mind can think of can be created with Basic Invite customized stationery. This is a perfect way to design wedding invitations have that special touch. If your style is timeless and classic or contemporary and rustic, Basic Invite is the best place where you can create your memories. We personally send a handwritten note card with every purchase of our lipstick line Entitled Beauty and Basic Invite helps me create that moment for all of my ladies.

Basic Invite Custom Samples

I have weddings scheduled in 2018 so I’m elated about sharing Basic Invite with my upcoming brides and my followers who are looking for something uniquely beautiful when it comes to custom stationary. Seeing your stationary in real time as you create it is one of my favorite features.

Who is BASIC INVITE Basic Invite

A small team of passionate stationary lovers who is located in Utah. They found a way for you to create beautiful stationary with their unique technology. So your now able to create anything and everything your heart deserves. And color is not an options, you can choose from over 160 lovely colors that you can review instantly. Where else can you do that? Plus, they offer free Peel and Seal Envelopes with most cards orders. Planning for your wedding stationary’s is no longer a task, it’s a fun step that you can enjoy from home. It’s like a one stop shop for all of your needs when it comes to; collecting mailing addresses, manage your RSVPs, and sharing all of the important details your guests will need on a single, easy to use site.

Basic Invite Clear Invite


Checkout one of my personal favorite, their new clear collection, and their added rose gold they have in their foil line, and Basic Invite just introduced foil place cards. How exciting is that, beautiful modern wedding invitations that your guests will love to collect as a keepsake.

Here are others reasons why brides love Basic Invites and sets them apart from other stationary companies.

  • Extra Pop Of Colors For Your Envelopes
  • NEW Foil & Wood Invitations
  • Complex Script Fonts
  • Pocket Wedding Invitations
  • Matching Wedding Suites; Save The Dates, Programs & Thank You Cards
  • Free Wedding Websites
  • Free Address Collection Services
  • Keepsake Guest Books

Below are some of the different stationary from Basic Invite that I like that you can create to fit your style and I’m not even a bride.










Basic Invite Program

So what are you waiting for ladies, start designing.

Stay Connected with Basic Invite (@basicinvite) by following there social media pages:









Entitled Beauty Makeup Photo Shoot At Hotel Zero Degrees in Connecticut

img_5538What a dream come true when 21 years of working in the beauty and entertainment industry being on set for numerous photo shoot. Sometimes I would daydream and think that one day I would be my own Owner and Creative Director for my makeup line. I have an eye and ears for greatness and I just had to wait my turn when GOD said it’s your time. I have always believed that you can’t rush it, success…it takes time and when it’s your turn it will happen effortlessly. And that is what happened with Entitled Beauty makeup line. I’m just relaxed and letting everything fall into place. Today my dream came through on set at Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury. We didn’t have all 12 of the lip colors, guess what they arrived 2 days after the shoot. And we also now have our new collagen lip glosses but again they were held up but the show must go on right. Our girls came through, Mindy a lifestyle blogger with Finding Silver Linings and model Lauren gave us the energy we needed to capture the looks we wanted. Come take a peek to see what Johnny and myself is up.

Johnny looked amazing on set rockin his COACH scarf


Entitled Beauty makeup set will always have Mionetto prosecco and some Britney Spears…just sayin

Caught me working doing both hair & makeup…I do it all!

I’m so honor that Mindy is one of our models for Entitled Beauty first photo shoot

My heart was definitely full when this shot came together.


Entitled Beauty Holiday Look I’m obsessed with…thanks Lauren

Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury is a perfect place to call home when your away from home. I stayed over the day before the shoot in the Executive Suite to get everything organized so that our day would go smooth. The staff at Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury was so very helpful with all of my needs. They treated me like I was a VIP guest because they were so swift on anything I asked for. To keep my body up I was able to get 24/7 access to hot tea, yes there is Starbucks coffee but I’m not a coffee drinker. I was also able to get all of my emails and look at all of our pics on their high tech computer, luv that they have high speed WiFi in their business center. A perfect setup for any business owner and lifestyle blogger like myself. One of my 2018 goals

Stop by Entitled Beauty Instagram page to see all of the lavish pics we took.

Bruno Mars Viewing Party At Sylvia Also

img_5054Date night to the city is always a treat and tonight my date was my daughter. I thought it would be fun for her to get out of the house and meet some of the crew members from production that I often work with. I knew Bruno Mars and The Hooligans was not going to be there but it was such a great group of people to celebrate with on something that we all did together. So I was so excited to receive an invite from Angela, the Field Producer and Casting Director for the show. I definitely wanted to celebrate with the person who brought me on, William The Line Producer. He’s such an amazing guy and very talented at his craft.



We arrived at 9pm on the dot to Sylvia Also in Harlem and drinks were already flowing. Everyone was in great spirit and excited about watching the show. Of course the food was catered by Sylvia’s Restaurant. I love the edible 24k chicken she served and all the Bruno Mars theme drinks.

Last call as I sip on my champagne while dancing my way out the door.

Entitled Beauty Black Friday Online Shopping Sale


I’m excited to announce on this Black Friday & Small Business Saturday that we, Entitled Beauty will offer FREE shipping when you use the code: ENTITLED so you will save $4.99 on your order. Here are the 10 delicious mineral lipstick shade we have that are perfectly matte. Thanks for buying one of my lip colors in advance.


Here are the names of the 10 colors we have

Anastasia-Orange Red

Arleth-Burgundy Wine

Barcelona-Nude Latte

Diamonds-Fiery Red

Heartbreak-Sassy Red

In The Nude-Pinky Nude

Jaco-Brown Pink

Mayan Chocolate-Reddish Brown

Orchid-Violet Purple

Venice-Barbie Pink

A Big Day For Us Makeup Entrepreneurs

img_4427Another big day to add to my list of special accomplishments in my life. My partner-in-crime Johnny Lumoa and I are heading down to Danbury City Hall Permit Center to finish up the last of the 2 important paperwork we needed for Entitled Beauty.

So elated about this day because we both have been working hard on Entitled Beauty. Starting a business is such a special moment. Yes, I’ve done it before in New Orleans but today I’m still excited about our baby Entitled Beauty. Having Johnny, someone who believes in me and my love for makeup standing next to me as a business partner I know we will be successful.  I wish I knew how to do a back flip but just look at our smiles that should say it all.




It’s OFFICIAL!!! We are legit…we are in it to win it!!!! I hope you give us a try.

To celebrate our big day we went to Brio to grab a few drinks and bites

OH, FYI…my lip color is ANASTASIA, from Entitled Beauty.


Do You Know The Difference Between Champagne & Prosecco Because My Bartender Didn’t

As many of you know I’m a devoted Champagne and Prosecco drinker. My two favorite brands are Maison Veuve Clicquot and Mionetto Prosecco. I don’t need a special event or occasion to pop open a bottle of one of those fancy bubbles. Today during lunch I realized that a restaurant bartender didn’t know the difference between the two. Well, to keep the story short we noticed at lunch the bartender kept pouring us Prosecco but charged us for champagne. Everything was taking care of by the manager who was so embarrassed because the poor girl said she’s been doing this for some time because she didn’t know the difference.

Luv my Veuve Clicquot

Luv my Mionetto Prosecco

So, what’s the difference between Champagne & Prosecco? Here’s a tip about the two wines from Wine Folly

*The quick answer is Champagne is from France and Prosecco is from Italy, but there are some other things to know about both wines –especially if you like bubbly wine.


Champagne is a sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France around the city of Reims about 80 miles (130 km) Northeast of Paris.

  • Made with ChardonnayPinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes
  • Produced using a costly method called the ‘Traditional Method’
  • standard pour of Brut Champagne has ~128 Calories (12% ABV)
  • $40 for a good entry-level Champagne


Prosecco is a sparkling wine made in the Veneto region of Italy around the city of Treviso about 15 miles (24 km) North of Venice.

  • Made with Prosecco (a.k.a. Glera) grapes
  • Produced using an affordable method called the ‘Tank Method’
  • standard pour of Prosecco has ~121 Calories (11% ABV)
  • $12-14 for a good entry-level Prosecco

Read more about it on Wine Molly

If you didn’t feel like doing all that reading basically champagne have persistent bubbles, its stronger with a drier taste and prosecco  has a lighter, spritzy bubbles and the taste is more fruity and sweet, at least to me. So, now I’m wondering how often does this happen. Have anyone else ever caught your bartender pouring you the wrong wine but charged you for a higher end wine?


Hotel Review On A Quick Summer Getaway in Downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor


Here is my hotel review for a new hotel in Baltimore.

While in Baltimore for the day with hubby I managed to get my work done while we enjoyed a quick couple’s afternoon. It’s been over 20 years that I’ve been anywhere near Maryland. For a short time I resided in Silver Springs and Wheaton, Maryland so when the opportunity came about to go to Baltimore it was a definite yes. I love how Downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor flirts with the downtown New Orleans scene around Poydras, Canal Street, South Peters and The Warehouse District. Lots of exposed bricks and beautiful buildings. The night life, the food, hotels and the eclectic vibe of the people gave such an experience. I always love visiting cities where I can walk amongst tourist and locals and enjoy the scene and the lifestyle of that city.

Our stay was at the trendy The Delta Hotel by Marriott Baltimore Inner Harbor. As many of you know I travel a lot because of my career, so where I stay can make or break my trip. It can determine how my energy goes if my stay is not pleasant. Because of my private celebrity clients, I’m always doing makeup in their luxurious hotel rooms. I have had my share of experiencing over the top accommodations from hotel staff and from being in hotels like The Plaza Hotel in New York, Windsor Court in New Orleans, The Four Seasons in South Beach, Wheatleigh in Massachusetts, The Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami, and The Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley.

Upon arriving at 9:30am to The Delta Hotel By Marriott Baltimore Inner Harbor I was greeted by two valet guys who was very pleasant and helpful with getting my luggage out of the car. When I walked into the lobby it was nice and bright, I was welcomed with a joyful “Good Morning” by the front desk associate named Kenya. I always remember a name when given to me. I was a little fatigued because I awake this morning at 4am and I was hoping that my early check in was going to be honored. When Kenya asked me for my name to look up my reservation I completely forgot that my husband Michael had the confirmation number and was already headed to his 10am GM Meeting. Let the panic begin but Kenya was very fast on her feet and advised me that everything was going to be okay and had me call Michael to get the confirmation number and to put my name on the reservation. Kenya was so helpful and put out that little spark right away all while keeping a smile. As she moved forward with getting me checked in and sharing with me great information about the hotel, Angela Wedemeyer the GM walked in, another face with a genuine smile. I’m thinking to myself my hair or makeup must look crazy because this is not normal behavior nowadays of establishments. Friendly employee’s in the morning smiling looking like they love their jobs. Angela started up a conversation right away engaging with me as a great host wanting to know about her guest. Like a great host Angela offered me a complimentary appetizer for lunch at the Tell-Tale Restaurant later today. Upon finishing up at the front desk here comes another friendly person, Stephanie Mervine, Director Of Sales. She stopped to chat with me about my visit to Baltimore and gifted me with a complimentary coffee from Zeke Restaurant inside the hotel. Each conversation I had with these ladies made me feel like I was among friends and I was staying over at their home. They were all happy about me being at their hotel. They shared any information with me that would make my stay exceptional and accommodated me with genuine professionalism. The way they treated me was effortless it wasn’t forced and this is what all businesses should take note in. Because I’m in the customer services field myself, I understand the importance of GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICES. Now granted if it was regular rush check in time maybe they each could not engage with me for that long but the acknowledgement I received upon checking in would make any guest feel special. As I headed up to my room even the lady in housekeeping smiled and welcomed me. Whoever does the training for this hotel did an excellent job because everyone made some type of a friendly gesture.

img_4834I made it up to my floor on the third floor and as I walked the hallway it gave the feeling of an art gallery with colorful light fixtures, stylish and bold paintings and pictures that were both beautiful and captivating. As I entered my room, I instantly luved everything about it as my eyes glanced every inch of the modern décor. I wanted to take in the feeling of the room and the selection I made for my hotel stay. I’ve been bamboozled before with hotel rooms not looking like the pictures they advertise on their websites. But I was very pleased with what I’ve seen so far. It was a perfect room for our stay and right away I wanted to capture pictures of the room.



After unpacking, and getting work done, Michael and I met up at 2pm for lunch downstairs at Tell Tale restaurant.  It wasn’t busy, I think we saw two other people there. A couple at the bar and 3 ladies at a table. Wasn’t sure about where to sit we sat ourselves before the waitress could seat us. The bartender Anna was assisting a customer with her food. Anna came over and apologized for not being able to seat us upon arriving. She got us a menus and took our drink order right away. Because my husband is a beer connoisseur he had questions about their beer selection. Anna wasn’t to knowledgeable about the beer so they walked over towards the bar together to see exactly what they offered. I just ordered one of my signature, a margarita on the rocks with no salt. Michael also managed to find him a beer of his liking. We accepted Angela’s complimentary appetizer and selected the Crab Stack which was DELICIOUS, it was crab meat, mangoes, and avocado. I should have order two of those because it was so good. She took our order which was the Crab Cake Sandwich and Michael order the Steak Panni both dishes again were DELICIOUS. The food came out hot, fresh and plated very well. Anna was a good waitress/bartender. She made a spectacular margarita just the way I like it without asking.  If I was a local who frequently the restaurant I would like to be seated at her table every time because of how she stayed engaging with us and how she checked in with us the entire time all while keeping that smile.

We then decided to enjoy the city of Baltimore which is a couple friendly city. Everything is in walking distance to whatever your needs are from malls, the pier, bars, restaurants. The weather was perfect, it was a bright hot summer day. After all that walking and taking in the city we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We were greeted by Anthony from the Front Desk, it’s nice when hotels employees check on you when they see you. Such a nice guy he seemed to care about how I’ll stay has been thus far.

For dinner we selected Captain James Crab House because CRABS are a must have when you come to Maryland. When I lived in MD, blue crabs was something that we always ate. I was so excited about dinner and when we arrived it was busy but not to busy that we couldn’t get a seat. We were able to pick where we wanted to be seated. As I looked around everyone looked happy enjoying their stacks of season crabs. We found a table right by the water. As soon as we sat someone came over to prep our table. A gentlemen name Jacob came over to take our order. A very nice guy, who joked right away with me about me taking pictures. I’m a blogger I can’t help myself. We did 1 tray of blue crabs and an order of calamari. Jacob brought over two sweet ears of corn and two bowl of soups. The crabs came out right away, they were nice and hot, the music was good and we just went in. Jacob checked in plenty of times and we were happy, relaxed, and enjoying the food and atmosphere. We are already planning on returning to Captain James with the kids so they could experience what we did, great crabs and relaxed ambiance.

It’s nice when your away and you get a comfortable hotel bed and pillows. Great mattress selection because it was heaven. I slept like a baby. For breakfast…down to Poe’s Coffee Bar. They offer locally roasted small batch ZEKE’s coffee with small bites to go. A perfect stop for anyone that works in the downtown area. You can get a Poe’s Avocado Toast or a tantalizing Cheddar & Bacon Waffle for breakfast.

Our day was perfect starting out with a great hotel, food, and weather. We enjoyed everything about Downtown Baltimore Inner Harbor. A perfect place to visit if you don’t have a schedule and want a getaway that’s not too far. Baltimore offers so many things and the energy reminded us of New Orleans and New York. If your looking for a new city to explore definitely add Baltimore to your list. You will be pleasantly surprised cuz I know we were.

If you like for me to come do a hotel review on your hotel let me know.

Your Invited To Attend My Skincare Party

img_3923-1Hi Guys!

It’s your favorite Makeup Artist! I recently took a leap of faith by joining with the award winning skincare company Rodan+Fields. I’m so elated about using the products on myself and sharing these products with you.

So before anyone freaks out I will still be doing freelance makeup but I hope this will be a great way to bring in extra income. But I will now have a signature skincare collection that I will be able to prep my clients with. As you all know that skincare is very important to me. I always tell my clients if you want a flawless makeup application then you have to take care of the skin first. So it doesn’t matter how expensive the makeup is if your skin is not being cared for your makeup will not look good. #justsaying

I hope you can join me on Monday, March 20th at 8:30pm to hear what we love about thlash boost 3is business and products. In less than 45-minutes, we will share information about how Rodan+Fields skincare can change your life and your skin.So grab a cocktail, sit back and hopefully you’ll get some shopping done as well. The two items I’m using are: Lash Boost & the Redefine line. I’m really excited about the results of Lash Boost as you know I lost my lashes & brows because of the lupus & lyme.


In the meantime, please feel free to visit my websites to read a little more: If you would like to attend leave me a comment so I can send you an invite..See Ya Bye & Luv U Mean It! (business opportunity) (product purchases)

Beauty Blueprint Helping Makeup Artists Work In The Industry

Today I had the girls over to continue with our Women Empowering Women program & Beauty Blueprint. Annya & Kassie both need pics for their portfolio so we combined a few things in one day. We were able to focus on, what should be in your makeup kit, business side of the makeup industry, artistry, everything modeling, and photography. Even though Annya still have a few more hours with me but I felt she was ready to take the Ralph Lauren gig last week. She felt very prepared that made happy. Ilse & Daisy, I’ll see you girls next week.

I can’t wait to see how big Beauty Blueprint will grow in the beauty world. Once you get out of makeup school what’s next? What if you can’t attend a makeup school because it’s to expensive to move to NY? How can you learn how to work in the beauty industry? What if you didn’t go to a makeup school but you freelance, & you need advice on how to work in the industry? You want to leave your job in work as a freelance makeup artist but your scared, what do you do? This is why I started Beauty Blueprint.