I’m no expert here but I have learned a few things about marriage since becoming a wifey in 2012. Like many things, I probably wasn’t the best at it at first – I still have my shortcomings but let’s be honest I’m practically perfect at it now 😉 LOL. Learning from some great couples around us and really stepping back and looking at the whole picture has helped me gain a lot of perspective on what it takes to build a marriage. It’s definitely not easy – it’s constant work, work from both sides. And for us we’ve had time to just grow together because we haven’t expanded the family just yet (Oh that will be a learning curve! A welcomed learning curve 🙂 ).

So with Valentine’s Day two weeks away, and our five year wedding anniversary coming up, I had the urge to chat marriage lessons and love. Nope I don’t hold all the secrets and every relationship is different but this is my experience. Read Full Article