Do You Enjoy Your Lunch Date With Hubby

img_4996Finally, nice weather in Connecticut, so you know what that mean if you follow me and know my story. I’M FREE!!!!!! I get to come outside like a normal person without problems with my breathing. I couldn’t get dress fast enough and I skipped a lot of my makeup application because I didn’t want to miss a lunch date with hubby.

As always Michael prefer for me to select where we go because of my challenge with food. I hate it so much that it drives me crazy. I’m still learning what I can and cannot eat. I actually keep a journal with me so I try to remember and write down my reactions to something. For example, if I enjoyed a dish but have a reaction I write if its worth eating again by the reaction my body have. Crazy right, but I’m not ready yet to give up everything. Ice-Cream is my favorite snack and I’m not ready to give that up so I eat it only when I’m home and nothing major is planned the next day. So that my body can rest. So my note would say; Ice-Cream “coming up, lots of coughing, lots of mucus” So worth eating again. If I’m out without Michael I’ll text him where I am, he pulls up the menu on his phone and tell me what to order. Thank God he knows my food journal better than me.


Back to my lunch date. I selected Brio Tuscan Grille because we both love it over there. The ambience, the food, the service, and the prices. Because it was a beautiful day we knew the patio would be open to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having. In my mind this is what a gorgeous afternoon in Italy would feel like right about now. Wine was flowing, great conversation was had, and a lot of flirting was going on.



Bruschetta Sampler

We both order an entree to bring home for dinner so our date continued on the rest of the evening…next, NETFLIX & Chill!

Question, do you enjoy your dates before you were married or after marriage dates?



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