Enjoying My Belgian Waffle From Aloha Gelato in Hawaii

img_4461Since moving to Hawaii I have always been looking for one of my favorite snacks. In New York, I would go to the Wafels & Dinges Waffle Truck, sometimes 4-5 times a week. Besides seafood, finding a place where I can get a delicious Belgian waffle and Krispy Kreme doughnuts was all I asked for living here in Hawaii.

While walking around the Ala Moana Center, I found the Aloha Gelato. They serve Gelato, Sorbet, Ice Cream, Crepe and Waffles. Everything I Like! I saw a picture of a Belgian Waffle and I got excited. I knew I just hit the jackpot. I’m praying that they taste just as good as the ones I use to get in New York. I order the works, I got Nutella, caramel and chocolate sauce, strawberries and I asked for whipped cream but they forgot to add it. They offer a small scoop of ice cream, that’s different but definitely a great idea. My only suggestions is that they warm the waffle so it helps to melt the sauces, plus it taste so much better when the waffle is hot, soft and chewy.

Do you have a favorite snack that you obsess over? Please share.

Happy Thanksgiving To My Friends & Followers

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Another grateful day with my family. I got up around 8:30am to get dress and do hair & makeup on myself. I pour myself a mimosa, turn of my playlist and then I start cooking. At 2pm we were ready to sit down to eat.

This year menu was: Ham, Gumbo, Lamb, Baked Macaroni, Cornbread Dressing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Potato Salad, and a Caramel Pound Cake.

The table theme this year was a glam rustic garden.


This is why I work hard….FAMILY

This year table setting was about a glam garden

2 dishes I was proud of was my ham & lamb

Going to watch one movie with the family then rest of the evening is about WORK WORK WORK….being an entrepreneur and owner of a small business never stop. If you ladies are looking for a new liquid lipstick check out Entitled Beauty online store. On Black Friday & Small Business Saturday we will offer FREE shipping. Use the code: ENTITLED

A Lovely Evening At Terra Of Danbury Restaurant

After spending a glamxurious day in New York with some of the most sophisticated women at The Plaza Hotel eating, enjoying an eclectic playlist of music while sipping on champagne and playing with makeup I ended my evening in Connecticut.  I met up with my besties makeup artist Johnny Luoma and Business Sales Specialist at Microsoft Randy for dinner at our favorite restaurant in Danbury, Terra of Danbury inside Hotel Zero Degrees. I luv that they scratch cook their food and the Old & New World Northern Italian dishes is why I enjoy this restaurant. Of course the ambiance and top customer service is always top notch.


American Kobe Beef carpaccio

Truffle Fries-missing

Tomato Sauce Pizza

Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp

Certified Angus Beef 8 oz filet


Friday In NYC With My Girlfriend Chef Jamielyn

Thanks Absolute New York for my Lip Mousse in Royals

Ladies, have you ever been so excited about a girls night with a girlfriend that lives in another state? Well, last week that was me. One of my favorite girls, Jamielyn or should I now say Chef Jamielyn & business owner was coming in town (New York) for a photo shoot. She needed new head-shots for her business and she wanted me to do her makeup. I always enjoy doing her makeup she was like my muse back in the day. This is how we actually met about 9 years ago on a crazy set, at a photo shoot in New Orleans. Jamielyn use to be really busy back in New Orleans in the modeling and fashion scene. We luv to talk about fashion, makeup, family, careers, food, and we luv taking pics of our every step. Jamielyn is the girl who doesn’t mind talking selfies. She’s the friend who will take her time to take great pics of you from the right angle. Lord, I know I sound vain but you know what that’s who I am and I don’t apologize for my self-love and I know I’m not for everyone and I’m OK with that. So when I find girlfriends that mirror me, chillld my day is going to be fanciful when we get together with no husband & kids around.

I took the train into the city that afternoon and headed over to SOHO. We stayed at Arlo Hotel SoHo a very modern style hotel with micro rooms but so many different spaces inside the hotel that you will get lost in it almost forgetting that you’re at a hotel. And if you’re a blogger & influencer you will luv this hotel. So many places for great pics and content. I look forward to visiting this hotel again for materials. Once I put my suitcase up we hit up The Good Story, it’s their rooftop bar with an amazing view of the Hudson River. Originally, when we were going to attend the Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Saturday but we could not reschedule the photo-shoot so we attended a Veuve Clicquot party on the rooftop. Jamielyn started right away with Veuve Clicquot new Rose and I needed a frozen margarita because I was a little parched. Then the rest of the evening it was Veuve Clicquot Rose…we luv us some champagne. Weather was perfect, music was on point, drinks flowing and the conversation never stopped.

Next stop, The Dutch Restaurant for dinner also in SoHo. We were catching up so much that we almost missed our reservations but we didn’t. We didn’t get all fancy we went straight from the rooftop bar straight to dinner. The only thing we freshen up was our makeup, of course. Restaurant was busy and every plate I saw as I walked to my table looked delicious. We wanted American food that had that New York feel with a flare of New Orleans. Let me tell you we got just that. We continued the Rose champagne going so Jamielyn goes let’s just do a bottle. I have to return to The Dutch for that New Engand Lobster, it was exquisite!  

I’m so glad I rocked my VANS…I wear black almost everyday and if I could make this my signature shoe I would. These slip on’s are so comfortable on my feet and by the end of the day my feet never get swollen when I wear them. We wanted to walk off the drinks so we walked back to the hotel just enjoying our conversation, while stopping to take pics. It was still early so we went to the Arlo Liquor Bar order more champagne, sat in the courtyard and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. By midnight we were ready to head upstairs because the photo-shoot was scheduled for 8am. We both needed to sleep, we may look young but we’re not. Don’t you luv when you get with your girlfriend who you don’t see everyday because you both live in different states and life happens. But when you catch up it just flows.

*My lip color is Absolute New York for my Lip Mousse in Royals

For Jordan’s Birthday We Ate Fancy Milkshakes

The birthday boy selected the Brownie Milkshake​

​​Today is my son Jordan 20th Birthday and like any mother he’s still my baby. Jordan is not big on making a big fuss so I knew he would not want a cake so I had to think of something that was simple yet FABULOUS.  One of Jordan favorite place to go to is Black Tap Craft in New York because he luv their burgers and crazy milkshakes but because we were on limited time I needed something just as fab in Connecticut. After doing my research I found Cream & Sugar Cafe in Bethel, CT just 19 mins from the house. After his sister and I picked him up from work we headed over to Cream & Sugar Cafe. Once he walked in he smiled like a little kid. Jordan has a sweet tooth like his mama and he luvs ice-cream so I knew he would enjoy being here. While eating he opened his gifts with the family.

Cream & Sugar Cafe was exactly what I thought it would be. Cute location, family oriented with a young friendly staff. After looking at the pictures on the wall and reviewing the menu we all knew exactly what milkshakes we wanted. I wish I was prepared to eat but now we know that we must not come on an empty stomach because after a few bites we were so full. I’m so excited that we found a fun spot for the summer.

​Envy got the Peanut Butter Crush Milkshake

​Of course I got the WOW one, mine is called Candy Crush Milkshake

Some Comfort Food From Hoodoo BBQ

After a rough week of watching the news over useless killings I needed some comfort food to make me feel better. Still not knowing where to go in Connecticut for my New Orleans style food I asked around and Hoodoo Brown BBQ in Ridgefield came up a few times so off I went. The ambiance was very casual, the staff was friendly, the prices was good and the portions was plentiful. Of course I didn’t forget about the taste. Everything came out warm I wish the temperature was hotter with a little more seasoning. Overall I would definitely go back with both family & friends. This could be a regular stop for me and next time I’ll check out the bar.