For Jordan’s Birthday We Ate Fancy Milkshakes

The birthday boy selected the Brownie Milkshake​

​​Today is my son Jordan 20th Birthday and like any mother he’s still my baby. Jordan is not big on making a big fuss so I knew he would not want a cake so I had to think of something that was simple yet FABULOUS.  One of Jordan favorite place to go to is Black Tap Craft in New York because he luv their burgers and crazy milkshakes but because we were on limited time I needed something just as fab in Connecticut. After doing my research I found Cream & Sugar Cafe in Bethel, CT just 19 mins from the house. After his sister and I picked him up from work we headed over to Cream & Sugar Cafe. Once he walked in he smiled like a little kid. Jordan has a sweet tooth like his mama and he luvs ice-cream so I knew he would enjoy being here. While eating he opened his gifts with the family.

Cream & Sugar Cafe was exactly what I thought it would be. Cute location, family oriented with a young friendly staff. After looking at the pictures on the wall and reviewing the menu we all knew exactly what milkshakes we wanted. I wish I was prepared to eat but now we know that we must not come on an empty stomach because after a few bites we were so full. I’m so excited that we found a fun spot for the summer.

​Envy got the Peanut Butter Crush Milkshake

​Of course I got the WOW one, mine is called Candy Crush Milkshake

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