New Orleans Makeup Artist Love Yankee Candles During The Christmas Holidays At Her Connecticut Home


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…well smell like Christmas, I should say. During the year I love to buy candles from Yankee Candles and for the Christmas holiday I really enjoy my home to smell like a Christmas tree. My favorite Yankee Candle this season is “Balsam & Cedar” candle and it’s a 22oz in size.

The fragrances are Balsam, aromatic cedar wood and juniper berry blend together in a fresh forest scent. And the fragrance notes are; Top: Crisp Citrus, Herbs, Red Berry
Mid: Pine Balsam, Cedar, Sandalwood
Base: Vanilla, Warm Amber, Musk
Top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent and base is its final impression.  This candle will give you about (110-150 hours burn time) which is about 14-19 days of amazing aroma in the your home. This is why I love buying Yankee Candles because I feel like I get a lot of days and normally candles don’t last that long.


As you know I lost the sense of smell due to my Lupus. But I recently got it back so I went ham at their store and treated myself to some goodies. I love candles its definitely a treat for the house. Like on non holidays I pick candles that represent my mood and energy.

How about you do you love Yankee Candles and do you have a favorite candle from Yankee Candles that you like?

New Orleans Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Gomez-Duplessis is a wife and a mother of 2 adult kids living in Connecticut. In 2014, Brandy was diagnosed with Lupus, Lyme & RA.

A Glam Posh Pop-Up With Poshology


Where are my Connecticut ladies at? Gather your girls put together your outfit and comfy shoes because Saturday is going to be a fun filled day of shopping with Connecticut vendors.


Entitled Beauty cosmetics will be one of the 75 vendors that was invited by Poshology to attend their first annual Pop-Up Shop. Shop, sip, eat and mingle in one place with awesome Connecticut Beauty, Home Fragrance and Fashion vendors. Hosted by @poshology and @marcouxbrand 

•September 8th


•650 Main Street, Middletown, CT


Shop, sip, eat and mingle in one place with awesome Connecticut Beauty, Home Fragrance and Fashion vendors. Hosted by @poshology and @marcouxbrand



How Do You Unwind After A Productive Week


WOW! What a week filled with so many great blessings. For me, when I say blessings it doesn’t always mean making money. For me, it means my life was fulfilled with activities that makes me happy, that fed me with things that I enjoy doing.

Doing what I love, by now you know it’s makeup, teaching makeup with my Beauty Blueprint company, meeting about my makeup company Entitled Beauty, creating content for my social media platforms, getting things crossed of my list for the upcoming Danbury Fashion Week while still being superwoman at home as a great wife and mother.

Today, is a beautiful Sunday. Here in Candlewood Lake it’s so peaceful. All I hear are birds singing and the humming sounds from people riding on their golf carts. I’m home alone, sitting outside on the deck enjoying my bottle of white wine from Josh Cellars. It’s nice to not be on a schedule for a few hours just having a lazy relaxing day doing nothing. Maybe I’ll take a nap outside and just enjoy this lovely breeze.

So, how do you unwind on your off days?


How Do You Spend Your Christmas Eve

Being that my family is from Honduras we celebrated on Christmas Eve. But as I got older I changed it up just a little. So tonight we will eat, drink a lot and open a small gift.

Then on Christmas morning I get up bake cranberry muffins, serve champagne and we open the majority of the gifts. Later I’ll put dinner on but nothing to big, drink, eat dessert and watch 2 movies.

What are you doing for Christmas Eve?

Happy Thanksgiving To My Friends & Followers

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Another grateful day with my family. I got up around 8:30am to get dress and do hair & makeup on myself. I pour myself a mimosa, turn of my playlist and then I start cooking. At 2pm we were ready to sit down to eat.

This year menu was: Ham, Gumbo, Lamb, Baked Macaroni, Cornbread Dressing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Potato Salad, and a Caramel Pound Cake.

The table theme this year was a glam rustic garden.


This is why I work hard….FAMILY

This year table setting was about a glam garden

2 dishes I was proud of was my ham & lamb

Going to watch one movie with the family then rest of the evening is about WORK WORK WORK….being an entrepreneur and owner of a small business never stop. If you ladies are looking for a new liquid lipstick check out Entitled Beauty online store. On Black Friday & Small Business Saturday we will offer FREE shipping. Use the code: ENTITLED

Power Outage In Connecticut




Yesterday the power went out so I didn’t make a big deal about it because we were having a storm up here in Connecticut so I figure the power would be going In & Out all night. Since it was dark out I wasn’t going to go check nada out. This morning as we all headed out to work this is what we were greeted by. Seeing this I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy situation and lord knows it wasn’t. I’m just glad that our tree didn’t hit the neighbors truck.





List Of Things You Will Need To Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey

Residents wait on a roof top to be rescued from the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans ..Today is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a day that has changed my life. I feel like a PRO with surviving hurricanes unfortunately. As I’m glued to my television watching CNN and talking to family & friends in Texas I’m hearing they are now doing MANDATORY EVACUATION in certain areas of Houston. Because I have lived through it and have managed to rebuild with some challenges I can share what you will need to move forward. So, if you still have time to gather a few things please be sure to grab the following items to help you with rebuilding.

  • Insurance Papers-Home & Business
  • Birth Certificates & Passports
  • Drivers License
  • Marriage License
  • Social Security Card
  • Taxes
  • Property Records-Home, Cars, Boats
  • Legal Records
  • Medical Papers
  • Shot Records For Kids
  • Kids Report Cards
  • Bills with your mailing address on it
  • Last two month bills -You will need because monthly service companies will lose all of your payment information so they will recharge you for service that you already paid.
  • Business Owners-Contracts for anything you lease/rent
  • Computer & Charger

mold homes

Hurricane Katrina 1

It will just make your life easier if you have these items. Get ready to fight, get ready to be on the phone for days trying to get through to who ever you need to speak with, be ready to stand in lines, be ready to research for yourself, read those last pages of your contracts so you will be ready for companies that will want to fine you / sue you later. Don’t expect that you will be good because you have insurance, know the difference between flood, water, and wind damages, educate yourself. Redcross & FEMA can only provide you a temp fix for a few days-weeks only. Hopefully you took clear pictures of properties in your home because you will need a lot of proof.

Good Luck with everything, stick together, spouses please be patience with each other. Everyone handle stress differently. This is the time that you will need to lean on each other. Men, it’s ok to cry, let it out, don’t be ashamed. Because you all are dealing with emotions that you have never experience. It’s so heartbroken to see others drowning right before your eyes will be something you will never forget. I made that mistake trying to stay strong trying to deal with all the bullshit that I didn’t have time to cry in process what the hell had just happened. Again stick together and talk to your kids because their little minds are in shock especially if they witness bodies. I’m still in shock from seeing dead bodies upon returning home.

I will continue to pray for Texas!