img_1258-1When your peers reach out to say they would like to feature you on their blogs and share your story to their readers it’s always an honor. Two features in one week, this time on Vine & Oak lifestyle blog. As many of you know I don’t hide my health issues so hopefully my story will give insight and inspired new peers. Read the article from Vine & Oak here.

Thanks Tiff and good luck with Vine & Oak.

I Didn’t Let My Chronic Illness Stop Me From Starting Entitled Beauty Makeup Line

The reason why I can’t stop screaming from the mountain top about Entitled Beauty makeup line is because it’s been a year in the making. Many of the days I was home in bed having bad flares from my Lupus, Lyme & RA. My amazing business partner and I would take advantage of us communicating through technology like Face Time & Skype about colors, textures, and packaging because I wasn’t able to do face to face meetings. So this baby is very special to me and this is why I want everyone to try it, I want everyone to fall in love with it because it was made out of love. Plus, it’s mineral based so it’s all healthy for the skin and for you. My health is very important to me and after sharing about my chronic illness I have met so many other women suffering with a invisible illness like myself.  So, when talking with Johnny about wanting the makeup to be health he supported me. That’s why he’s amazing!

Working in the beauty industry for 21 years and using other makeup brands on my clients, on assignments, at fashion shows I now have my own makeup line to use. So I can’t wait to see it on everyone I now work on. My partner Johnny and I only have 10 perfectly matte lipstick shades for now but so much more lippies colors are coming with a new item in 2 weeks and by Spring 2018 we will have another item added to the line.



Just in time for the holidays maybe treat yourself or someone to Entitled Beauty mineral liquid lipsticks. We have a lot of great things coming up in just a few days so stay tune and stay connected with Entitled Beauty by following our Instagram page.

Today’s Dr Appointments Wasn’t A Glam One

It’s been a day and I’m so glad it’s over my body need a break. I started first by going to do a CT Scan, then off to do the allergy test on my arms and forearms, then over to the CT Sinus Center, ending my appointment doing a Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy. Unfortunately, I have to do a lot of this often, in 10 days I’ll be repeating everything except the allergy test. At least I didn’t have to give blood this week. A lot of driving around today, I’m just glad to be home. How is your Monday going?



Sunday Is My Day Of Being Fabulous

img_2245Today I’m not doing anything, I’m going to flaunt around the house like I do and just enjoying myself. Since I have no plans on leaving the house I’m going to just relax, snack, drink wine and nap. I have a busy week ahead starting with 3 appointments early tomorrow morning. And one more appointment on Tuesday but that one is going to be easy breeze. I haven’t been having any heart problems and it’s not time to do another EKG so I’ll be out in 10 mins. But as soon as I walk out of tomorrow appointment I cannot wait to take my meds for all these body pains. I was told that I couldn’t take anything for 3 days prior to my Monday appointments so I’m feeling everything so wine is definitely needed until then. How did you spend your Sunday?


Saturday Was Glam But Saturday Night Got Ugly, Auto Immune Problems

A lot of peers always see me when I post pics of myself when I’m doing well but they never understand when I tell them that by the end of the day my body shut down. It’s hard to understand how can someone look amazing then quickly is having a hard time to breathe but it’s my life about 3-4 times a week. I decided to show you how I can go from this img_1931to the videos below. I don’t know if it’s the lupus, the lyme disease, or both but it’s definitely hard on my body. This is why my new lifestyle only allows for me to do one thing and usually work win and takes all my energy that I never have time to party or meet up with girlfriends after work. Not everyone understands and it hurts but when I give in I know I will have it bad for 2-3 days. I usually don’t like to push myself because I never won’t to be able to show up for work. So if you know anyone with an auto-immune or invisible illness please be patience with them.

A Nice Afternoon In New York City By Myself

Headed to New York City this morning to do makeup on Fashion Blogger Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina.  I always enjoy doing her makeup, it’s nice to have personal clients that is actually effortlessly fabulous.

The weather in the city was so beautiful that I fell in love with New York all over again. After I finished doing makeup on Nash I went for a stroll, had a nice lunch follow by a few glasses of champagne, shop for flowers at Dahlia Flowers, hung out in Grand Central market picked up dinner from Ceriello’s  Of Manhattan for the finest gourmet meats.

The weirdest thing about today was that I felt amazing! Didn’t have any of my daily challenges with my lupus, lyme disease, & ra…New York, just what a girl need.

This Is What A Lupus Person Look Like On A Bad Day

Lupus problem quote

When a person with lupus say to you “I’m Fine” we are lying to you. No, we are not liars but we are having a bad flare up, and or/maybe heading to the hospital in not trying to worry you. I had 4 horrible days of flare up’s. I was given a steroid shot to help alleviate some of the joint pains. Because in 2 days I have to teach a makeup class so I have to get it together enough  to get through both days. Once I get in drag (hair& makeup) I can get away with it. I know how to turn on to new people who don’t know anything about me that they won’t notice. The most they will think is that I’m congested. Usually somebody else is dealing with allergy or sinuses so I don’t come across ill.

Warning, this is not a pretty picture, this is what happens to me when I’m having a flare up. My body is kicking my ass, I’m not winning at the moment. Everything that can go wrong with my body is happening, triggering all of my Lyme & RA symptoms to act an ass as well. Guess what, I win at the end cuz I made it to another day.

Afraid Of Going Outside After Getting Lyme Disease

Street side of the yard

Many of you know I’m a tough cookie especially when that wrong button is pushed. So it’s probably crazy to hear that I’m afraid of something. Well I am, it’s a ugly little bug (tick) and deer’s. Since moving up here to Connecticut I haven’t had good experience with either of them.Today, in Connecticut the weather is gorgeous and I happen to be off and feeling good to enjoy it. So, I decided to face my fears in go outside in my yard today. I fell in love with my home because of the yard and the lake. But after me and my babies (dogs) got bitten by ticks and getting infected with Lyme disease it’s been hard to come outside during spring and summer time. Both my babies were to old to fight, we lost them both 6 months apart.

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis yard
Favorite Spot In My Yard

I was getting tested regularly now it’s yearly with my next test coming up next month. It’s almost out my body and I pray that next month I hear the words clean build of health from Lyme disease. I’m tough but having Lupus & Lyme disease is hard, I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Revenant getting my ass beat daily by that bear. I just want to have my body back in get back to normal. I have to eventually face my fears in start enjoying my yard again. I let it go by not keeping it up because I really didn’t plan on coming back out here. But I refuse to let a tick scare me off, cuz that sounds crazy, right?

Brandy Lyme Results
My last test April 2015