Afraid Of Going Outside After Getting Lyme Disease

Street side of the yard

Many of you know I’m a tough cookie especially when that wrong button is pushed. So it’s probably crazy to hear that I’m afraid of something. Well I am, it’s a ugly little bug (tick) and deer’s. Since moving up here to Connecticut I haven’t had good experience with either of them.Today, in Connecticut the weather is gorgeous and I happen to be off and feeling good to enjoy it. So, I decided to face my fears in go outside in my yard today. I fell in love with my home because of the yard and the lake. But after me and my babies (dogs) got bitten by ticks and getting infected with Lyme disease it’s been hard to come outside during spring and summer time. Both my babies were to old to fight, we lost them both 6 months apart.

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis yard
Favorite Spot In My Yard

I was getting tested regularly now it’s yearly with my next test coming up next month. It’s almost out my body and I pray that next month I hear the words clean build of health from Lyme disease. I’m tough but having Lupus & Lyme disease is hard, I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Revenant getting my ass beat daily by that bear. I just want to have my body back in get back to normal. I have to eventually face my fears in start enjoying my yard again. I let it go by not keeping it up because I really didn’t plan on coming back out here. But I refuse to let a tick scare me off, cuz that sounds crazy, right?

Brandy Lyme Results
My last test April 2015