Lunch Date With Hubby At Mina’s House At The Four Seasons

As a married woman one of the things that has kept our marriage successful of 25 years is having lunch dates. Because we both have really busy schedules and work long hours we like to have off days together when possible. One of our favorite spots that we like to dine at that’s close to the house is Mina’s Fish House at The Four Season’s Hotel. The funny thing, every time we visit during Happy Hour we always get the same table which I don’t mind because the view is fantastic. Actually, the first time we dined there we sat at the bar and that was nice too.

Do You Enjoy Your Lunch Date With Hubby

img_4996Finally, nice weather in Connecticut, so you know what that mean if you follow me and know my story. I’M FREE!!!!!! I get to come outside like a normal person without problems with my breathing. I couldn’t get dress fast enough and I skipped a lot of my makeup application because I didn’t want to miss a lunch date with hubby.

As always Michael prefer for me to select where we go because of my challenge with food. I hate it so much that it drives me crazy. I’m still learning what I can and cannot eat. I actually keep a journal with me so I try to remember and write down my reactions to something. For example, if I enjoyed a dish but have a reaction I write if its worth eating again by the reaction my body have. Crazy right, but I’m not ready yet to give up everything. Ice-Cream is my favorite snack and I’m not ready to give that up so I eat it only when I’m home and nothing major is planned the next day. So that my body can rest. So my note would say; Ice-Cream “coming up, lots of coughing, lots of mucus” So worth eating again. If I’m out without Michael I’ll text him where I am, he pulls up the menu on his phone and tell me what to order. Thank God he knows my food journal better than me.


Back to my lunch date. I selected Brio Tuscan Grille because we both love it over there. The ambience, the food, the service, and the prices. Because it was a beautiful day we knew the patio would be open to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having. In my mind this is what a gorgeous afternoon in Italy would feel like right about now. Wine was flowing, great conversation was had, and a lot of flirting was going on.



Bruschetta Sampler

We both order an entree to bring home for dinner so our date continued on the rest of the evening…next, NETFLIX & Chill!

Question, do you enjoy your dates before you were married or after marriage dates?



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Celebrated My Wedding Anniversary This Weekend

img_9075This weekend I celebrated a special day with my hubby and best friend of 21 years. We been together for a long time knowing each other for 29 years.

Starting out long distance while I was in New York and he was in New Orleans. Being on the road working did not hurt us it actually made our relationship so much stronger.

Even now with my health he has been there never saying “I Didn’t Sign Up For This” cuz it’s one thing saying vows for sickness and in health but to actually really mean it is another. If you have never had to care for someone with 3 auto immune diseases, know it’s not easy. At one point he would have to feed me, bath me, dress me, and so much more. Even now we still have some bad days especially during the winter time. He’s been there through it all. So, I can really say, I’m a lucky girl.

It was nice that Michael took the weekend off, if you think I’m a workaholic he’s worst.

So three days of just us was so overdue. No work and no adult kids.

Our stay at The Marriott Stamford was close to home but it was a quick getaway from the house. Of course his staff called him 3-5 times a day but I couldn’t complain and wouldn’t complain.

For lunch we went to Northern Lights Bar and Lounge, a premier spot located in Downtown Stamford. It had a sexiness to it during the day so I’m sure at night it’s a nice spot.

On our wedding day we both wore BVLGARI fragrances so on our anniversary we shower in BVLGARI, we wear BVLGARI lotion and perfume. 21 years its time to replenish for the next decade because we have a few drops left.

For dinner we went to Saltaire Oyster Bar and Fish House in Port Chester, NY.  I love seafood and I can never seem to find that perfect location yet. So we are trying this spot out for the first time.

img_9188The next day we had brunch at Sam’s American Bistro which had a very casual atmosphere and the food style was American. The rest of the day we just relaxed put the phones up, talked about our updated future goals and just watch the sun set while enjoing Rose’ and jumbo boiled shrimp.



I’m no expert here but I have learned a few things about marriage since becoming a wifey in 2012. Like many things, I probably wasn’t the best at it at first – I still have my shortcomings but let’s be honest I’m practically perfect at it now 😉 LOL. Learning from some great couples around us and really stepping back and looking at the whole picture has helped me gain a lot of perspective on what it takes to build a marriage. It’s definitely not easy – it’s constant work, work from both sides. And for us we’ve had time to just grow together because we haven’t expanded the family just yet (Oh that will be a learning curve! A welcomed learning curve 🙂 ).

So with Valentine’s Day two weeks away, and our five year wedding anniversary coming up, I had the urge to chat marriage lessons and love. Nope I don’t hold all the secrets and every relationship is different but this is my experience. Read Full Article

When A Bride From Trinidad Get ReMarry In Connecticut

Today’s wedding vow renewal in Litchfield, Connecticut was one that I was so elated about. My bride is a beautiful model from Trinidad and her husband is a firefighter/DJ. The wedding took place at their beautiful home outdoor surrounded by all of their family & friends from the Caribbean.

When Annya sent me the pics of her dress I knew exactly the makeup look I wanted to do on her in the ladies. So I brought so much makeup with me just so I could have everything at my disposable.

I chose to do all of the makeup outdoor because I wanted that natural light. Since Annya was going to be outside 99.9 % of the day I needed that light because this is how everyone will see her. I didn’t want that heavy face that looked only good in pics. I wanted it to be stunning yet effortless.

If you wanted to find all of the girls of course they were hanging with the beautiful bride.

The food was DELICIOUS…4 of these Shandy Carib lager beer had me feeling really good.

The family, only person missing is 4 month old baby London

Annya Best Friend for life… Yendi Phillipps is a Jamaican TV Host, model and beauty queen who the winner of the Miss Jamaica World 2007 beauty pageant, as well as the Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 pageant.

What a beauty…still can’t believe she had a baby 4 months ago.

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