3 Must Have Kiehl’s Skincare Items You Need This Summer

During the summer we spend more time outdoor enjoying activities. This can be challenging on the skin if not properly cared for. The first thing that normally comes to mind during the summer is applying SPF. By now we all know that the SPF should be at least 30+ and higher, wear it every day during the summer, and reapply every couple of hours. But what about keeping the skin looking healthy and radiant after being damaged from all the UVA & UVB rays from being outside. With so many skincare products to choose from how do you decide what’s best on the skin. I selected Kiehl’s skincare products because it’s made up of the finest naturally derived ingredients like Lavender, Squalane, Calendula, Caffeine, Vitamin C, Beech Tree Extract, Jasmonic  Acid, and Rosa Arctica  just to name a few. Give your skin a treat by using concentrated products to restore and replenish the skin. Read the full article on Connecticut Post blog here.

Skincare Goodies For Women In Their 40’s

Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Brandy Gomez-Duplessis
Everyone has their guide books and TV shows to get them through their life, so I thought I’ll write a post on skincare products I use to maintain my youthfulness. I always get carded because I don’t look my age. When I’m with my 23 and my 18 year old they think I’m their sister. I joke that the lupus has stopped me from aging, making me the black female Benjamin Button, lol. So if it’s not the lupus that’s stopping my age process then maybe it’s really all the expensive skincare products I slather on my face morning and night. I’m happy to share with you my skincare cocktails that I used daily on my mature skin to achieve my baby skin. Hopefully, one of these products will help you with anti-aging.

Right now these are the following products I have been using.




New Anti-Aging Skincare Products To Try

anti aging

With so many skincare products hitting the market, how do you know what to use. And this month, even more new products are filling the shelves at your favorite beauty stores. As a beauty expert, I picked my top faves to help narrow down the choices and satisfy any anti-aging treatment obsession. I hope my cheat sheet will help you to achieve healthy gorgeous skin.

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