Skincare Goodies For Women In Their 40’s

Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Brandy Gomez-Duplessis
Everyone has their guide books and TV shows to get them through their life, so I thought I’ll write a post on skincare products I use to maintain my youthfulness. I always get carded because I don’t look my age. When I’m with my 23 and my 18 year old they think I’m their sister. I joke that the lupus has stopped me from aging, making me the black female Benjamin Button, lol. So if it’s not the lupus that’s stopping my age process then maybe it’s really all the expensive skincare products I slather on my face morning and night. I’m happy to share with you my skincare cocktails that I used daily on my mature skin to achieve my baby skin. Hopefully, one of these products will help you with anti-aging.

Right now these are the following products I have been using.




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