Oahu Beauty Blogger Top 5 Spring Items

This time of year it’s all about taking care of my skin and using beauty products that is healthy for me. Being on the island of Oahu with beautiful weather I want the best, so I like using a lot of natural and mineral based products that keep me looking effortless.

Here are 5 skincare and beauty items that I’m loving on this spring.

  1. Entitled Beauty “Resting Bitch Face” Spotlight Highlighter
  2. JAVA Skincare Eye Serum
  3. SKOTE Beaute Supple Glow Moisture Creme
  4. LaMarriia Strawberry Oats Body Scrub Bar
  5. Entitled Beauty All Nighter Liquid Lipsticks



Hawaii Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Brandy is located on Oahu island in Ewa Beach but you can find her working doing makeup in Kapolei. Being a top influencer & blogger don’t be surprised to see her writing beauty articles and taking selfies for her 60K followers on Instagram on the beautiful beaches in Honolulu…and YES, there are black people living in Hawaii. 

Whole Foods Market Limited Edition Beauty Bag During Beauty Week


photo-5Guess What’s Back?…Whole Foods Market limited edition Beauty Bag. Whole Foods Market’s 4th Annual Beauty Week kicks off from March 21st-28th. Inside the Beauty Bag you will find natural beauty products that is sold at Whole Foods Market Whole Body department. Some of these beauty and skincare items are already on the shelves and now you will get introduced to new Whole Food’s favorites. The Beauty Bag will be available for sale at $20 (valued at $90.00).  I see so many great items  in my box that I can’t wait to try them all out. If your into natural organic products, mineral based items, and personal care products that don’t included: phthalates, microbeads, triclosan, BHT, BHA, aluminum chlorohydrate and more, you should pamper yourself with this bag of treats. They screen for 75 plus ingredients that’s been banned in personal care products to make sure they sell the best to their customers. So all you natural beauties, stop by your local Whole Foods Market next week to pick up your Beauty Bag and get a Whole Beauty Experience.

Because I’m based out of Connecticut my two locations I suggest going to is Whole Foods Market in Fairfield County & Whole Foods Market in Milford. I promise a great Beauty Bag as such will sell out fast because it’s an awesome bag.


Here are the curated items that was in my gift box.

Dr. Hauschka oil-free night care allows skin to breathe freely while supporting its natural renewal processes. And the Clarifying Day Oil sends a signal to the skin to reduce oil production.

This natural exfoliate lifts away micro-pollutants and impurities for a fresh, healthy radiance.

Deeply hydrates and moisturizes sensitive skin.

An antioxidant-rich blend of nourishing desert botanicals to soothe, calm, moisturize and illuminate.

Enlivens and balances skin with the nourishing and regenerating essential oils.

Intense, soothing under eye elixir hydrogels to help rejuvenate with Cucumber and Persian Silk Tree.

instantly hydrates and replenishes, soothing, nourishing and protecting skin’s own moisture barrier for a beautiful complexion.

Fruit stem cell complex and marula oil instantly nourish and plump as french clay helps stimulate circulation for a visibly lifted, firmer appearance and a smoother looking complexion.

A bright jewel-toned berry in a creamy texture and smooth satin finish, and packed with moisturizing ingredients.

Gentle mineral formula applies easily and defines each lash without clumps, flakes or smudges.

A makeup bag essential! The gentle, alcohol-free aloe vera formula makes this a favorite go-to toner for refreshing skin on the run.


Beauty & Skincare Event At KureSpa For Whole Foods Market Beauty Week

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis leaving Hotel Zero Degrees in Norwalk

Yesterday Ilse Mc Donnell and I was invited to attend Whole Foods Market beauty event held at Kure Spa Wellness Center in Norwalk. Two of the sponsors were Trilogy Natural Skincare & Mineral Fusion Cosmetics both offering mini facials & mini makeovers. All of the tasty refreshments were catered by Whole Foods Market. I was really excited to see Trilogy one of my favorite nature skincare company there. I was introduced to the brand 2 years ago at their launch party in New York. I have been a fan of their rosehip oil since.

So let me tell you about the actually event. Whole Foods Market is celebrating the launch of Beauty Week. Their 2017 Beauty Bag is such a great item especially for women who enjoy using all natural, organic, mineral based skincare items and makeup. The Beauty Bag is valued at $90, you can purchase it while supplies last for $18 at your nearest store. Inside you will find brands like Juice Beauty, Evan Healy, and Dr. Hauschkausa. Ladies, don’t sleep on picking one up, the cute bag alone is worth having. In because it’s Beauty Week ALL face care, cosmetics, and nail polish are 25% off this week at Whole Foods Market. Scroll down to enjoy the pics & videos.


Bon Voyage With Caudalie Paris Skincare

Thanks Caudalie Family for sending me a cute goodie bag full of your products. I’m such a fan of their products. How can I not, anything made from a vineyard has to be fabulous on the skin, don’t you agree. You want to know what was in my Bon Voyage bag?







Skincare Products To Try Especially For Auto Immune Warriors

Spring is finally upon us, well not 100% up here in Connecticut but I’ll take the little spring we are getting. This year I am hoping for a year of great weather which means a normal life and happy days of being pain free. As you know my life is in the control of the weather, food, stress and exhaustion. So, if I don’t want any lupus flare ups beside those 4 key element and the many meds I take I have to watch what I do to my body as well as put on my body. I’m always looking for the next best thing when it comes to natural skin care.

Beauty Expert IlseRecently, I chatted with Beauty Expert Ilse from Live Learn Luxe  and she shared with me some new natural products to try. As Ilse explained to me it’s not about the words “organic & natural” it’s all about the ingredients found in the products. These words are not friendly to anyone with an auto immune disease; PARABENS, SULFATES, TRICLOSAN, and PHTHALATES. Here are four of Ilse all-star favorite new must have chemical free products I should invest in that would not trigger my lupus.


Ilse is not a medical doctor, she’s a friend who gives me guidance when it comes to my skin care needs. As I spring clean my dressing room I’ll be spring cleaning my shelf of old skincare products and bad skincare products. Once I pick up these items, I will have a review for you once I’m done…hang in there my lupus warriors!

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