Skincare Products To Try Especially For Auto Immune Warriors

Spring is finally upon us, well not 100% up here in Connecticut but I’ll take the little spring we are getting. This year I am hoping for a year of great weather which means a normal life and happy days of being pain free. As you know my life is in the control of the weather, food, stress and exhaustion. So, if I don’t want any lupus flare ups beside those 4 key element and the many meds I take I have to watch what I do to my body as well as put on my body. I’m always looking for the next best thing when it comes to natural skin care.

Beauty Expert IlseRecently, I chatted with Beauty Expert Ilse from Live Learn Luxe  and she shared with me some new natural products to try. As Ilse explained to me it’s not about the words “organic & natural” it’s all about the ingredients found in the products. These words are not friendly to anyone with an auto immune disease; PARABENS, SULFATES, TRICLOSAN, and PHTHALATES. Here are four of Ilse all-star favorite new must have chemical free products I should invest in that would not trigger my lupus.


Ilse is not a medical doctor, she’s a friend who gives me guidance when it comes to my skin care needs. As I spring clean my dressing room I’ll be spring cleaning my shelf of old skincare products and bad skincare products. Once I pick up these items, I will have a review for you once I’m done…hang in there my lupus warriors!

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