My First 4th Of July In Oahu Hawaii

img_6381I’m so excited about celebrating my first holiday here in Hawaii. At the same time it’s my first holiday without my oldest daughter. It’s normally 4 of us and today it’s only 3 of us. My 27 year old had decided to stay back in Connecticut so it’s going to be a little hard to not have her with us.

The family all agreed that we wanted to eat seafood today so earlier during the week I started looking around and asking co-workers about where I could buy seafood on the island at a reasonable price. Seafood is definitely our go to summer menu during the summer holidays.

I found a few places and compared prices before making a decision and finalizing the menu. I ended up buying the 3 packs of snow crabs clusters from Don Quijote and 15lbs of crawfish from Seafood City and a case of Corona’s beer and 3 red bags of potatoes from Safeway.


I didn’t miss a beat with my seasoning, everything came out so so good. We were in that house sucking heads and crab legs. Spicy juice was just dripping down our arms and we didn’t care. Once we were able to move from all that good eating we made our way down to the beach to enjoy the festivities and to watch all of the fireworks.

d'lish 4th menu


D’lish 4th Of July menu was fantastic, those ladies never disappoint me. So, I was very excited to check out their menu today. Music was provided by DJ Dougie and Stevie Steve throughout the day. Lots of fun competitions and American ninja warrior style games started around 2pm.

The fireworks started at 9pm and we managed to catch a lot of them from different directions on the property. Thanks Kapilina Beach Homes for a safe and fun evening.

So, how was your 4th of July?


Honolulu Hawaii Makeup Artist & Lifestyle Blogger Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has 22 years of experience in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. Brandy is located on Oahu island in Ewa Beach but you can find her working doing makeup in Waikiki, Waipahu, Waikele, and Kapolei. Being a top influencer & blogger don’t be surprised to see her writing beauty articles and taking selfies for her 60K followers on Instagram on the beautiful beaches in Honolulu…and YES, there are black people living in Hawaii. 

Saturday Night Family Night In Norwalk

Ladies, is it a production after you get ready? I know it’s suppose to be family night but I had to try out my new Lumee phone case.

After work I managed to get the family together after 15 texts to everyone while at the salon. It’s a lot of work nowadays to get everyone together. But as soon as I said we need FAMILY TIME everything shut down and they were all mine. So I found this spot one day on my Instagram timeline somehow. What caught my attention was the word CRABS. I’m always looking for a casual setting place that serve seafood, let me correct myself fresh quality seafood. So when B.J. Ryan’s B.AN.C House BBQ & Crab popped up I knew this would be the next restaurant for us to visit for family night in Norwalk. I’m always looking for the perfect place in Connecticut because I hate always having to take that drive to New York to eat quality food. With Michael being a GM in the food industry, I’m picky not just about the food but the ambience and customer service then the kids are picky about food portions. So the restaurant we visit have to pass all four of our test. Being from New Orleans we are all use to great seafood, I must say B.J.Ryan’s B.AN.C House BBQ & Crab passed the test on everything; quality, decor, customer service and food portion. My only challenge was the way they fix their frozen margarita. A little watery not really a frozen drink but the taste was good.  It’s definitely worth more visits to Norwalk.

While in the car I had to test out my Lumee case girls I’m obsessed!

OK, ​​back to the food…We started out with the Giant Nug Crab Cocktail, Deviled Eggs, Tempura Fried Broccoli Crowns (dip them in the sweet chili sauce).

Hubby ordered the ​Smoked Meat Sampler

I ordered the ​B.AN.C House Crab Fest

How Was Your Thanksgiving?

I don’t know about you but this year I wasn’t ready for Thanksgiving. With so much going on plus being busy at work I really could have slept through this holiday. Wednesday night I manage to get up to start playing around with my table. Every holiday I look forward to dressing my table with a different theme. The kids luv that I do this now that the kids are older they help with ideas. I’ve never decorated with a traditional Thanksgiving theme my creative mind just luv having fun with it.

Two things that I didn’t get to do yesterday was stop by Leslie Glover Toran home & turn on the fireplace. After all that cooking I chilled with the family.  Like everyone else we were all to full to do anything else. I managed to get another breathing treatment in while we watched a movie. Working those 13 days straight I didn’t have time to do them so I was definitely overdue. My body started flaring on Monday after I got off.

What about you guys what are some the things you did yesterday with your family?


The tradition; mimosa & baked goods

Just like my table I don’t usually cook traditional Thanksgiving dishes. I take my time with my menu to make sure I give each family member a dish that they crave and/or luv.





My plate for the evening, the only thing missing is the sauteed crabs. I ate that after my treatments.

Good Night, I hope your time yesterday with your luv ones was just as peaceful, fun, & relaxing as mine.