How Was Your Thanksgiving?

I don’t know about you but this year I wasn’t ready for Thanksgiving. With so much going on plus being busy at work I really could have slept through this holiday. Wednesday night I manage to get up to start playing around with my table. Every holiday I look forward to dressing my table with a different theme. The kids luv that I do this now that the kids are older they help with ideas. I’ve never decorated with a traditional Thanksgiving theme my creative mind just luv having fun with it.

Two things that I didn’t get to do yesterday was stop by Leslie Glover Toran home & turn on the fireplace. After all that cooking I chilled with the family.  Like everyone else we were all to full to do anything else. I managed to get another breathing treatment in while we watched a movie. Working those 13 days straight I didn’t have time to do them so I was definitely overdue. My body started flaring on Monday after I got off.

What about you guys what are some the things you did yesterday with your family?


The tradition; mimosa & baked goods

Just like my table I don’t usually cook traditional Thanksgiving dishes. I take my time with my menu to make sure I give each family member a dish that they crave and/or luv.





My plate for the evening, the only thing missing is the sauteed crabs. I ate that after my treatments.

Good Night, I hope your time yesterday with your luv ones was just as peaceful, fun, & relaxing as mine.