Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

mercedes benz fashion week logo

mercedes benz fashion week logo

By now you must know that this week is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC and I am so down because I didn’t get any assignment to work at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I’m am upset with myself because this was a really big goal for me to complete and now I can’t scratch the shit off my “TO DO LIST”. This is why I don’t like to take breaks or stop in watch TV, do regular people things cuz I start missing out on opportunities.

Maybe I need to get a manager or something so they can do this shit. I am really feeling myself, I just knew my phone was going to ring u know. Who in the hell do I think I am, that somebody is going to call me and say “Hey BGD, we need you in NY, to work this week”. I really must think I’m the shit or something. It’s just this was suppose to be my year to work both NY & LA Fashion Week and have not gotten a call to do either. I am so at the point that I don’t care if I have to just clean brushes if it’s a paid gig with travel paid for I would take it and a heartbeat. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in L.A. is not til Oct 14, 2007 the day after my B-DAY so I do have some time.

I know one thing I need to get on my shit!!!
Ok I’m going to pray real hard about FASHION WEEK. It’s not over till the fat lady sang’s right…pray hard enough something well happen…u think?

So how u doing…GLAM life of a Makeup Artist!!!!

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