Such a Sucky Day!!!

Yesterday was just a sucky day for me. I only had the two girls on my book’s but only ended just working on one since my son school had a mandatory meeting for parents & teachers about closing the school and making it a recovery school. My 11am client (WJ) is a long time eye lash & brow regular who has been coming to me for a few years so now I go to her. My second client would have been a new girl (KC) who was going to get eyelash extensions for her bridal pictures. But I had to cancel her due to the time the meeting was starting at his school.

celebrity makeup artist brandy gomez duplessis works on a model from houston texas at a photo shoot

I went to my regular spot to get a new brake tag for the car but Michael (my husband) never changed the personal info I couldn’t’t get the brake tag there. But they were nice about it and directed me to another place in Chalmette that do State tags. The lady said it should take u about 7 min’s to get there why it took me 15 min’s. It was looking like a road trip coming on. Finally, I found it, nobody was in line so the guy was able to put it on in 5 min’s plus in Chalmete they charge only $10.00 where in New Orleans they charge $20.00 plus a late fee. So I gave the guy a tip just $5 for lunch and headed to Downtown New Orleans.

The rest of the day I dealt with booking a model for a photo shoot in Houma, LA on this Saturday and I spoke with Andrea at L’Oreal Cosmetics about the dates of the tour. I told her to schedule me for a total of 22 days so she said she would call me back in the morning with confirmation about the hours and dates that I sent over to her. What they don’t understand is I am so use to working hard and long hours so 12 hour shifts 7 days a week is not really hard work…well at least not for me. Plus, I’m doing what I love in that’s MAKEUP. Also, I won’t have the kids to rush home to help with homework or cook nor clean so I know I can do it. oh I also ran a few errands for family members and picked the kids up from school. I tried to do a few emails but I guess they can wait…I’ll do them after the kids leave at 7 am.

celebrity makeup artist on the l'oreal cosmetics stagecelebrity makeup artist brandy gomez duplessis working at the l'oreal cosmetics mall tour

Since I got in late tonight I went to Super Cajun Seafood to get crawfish shrimp fried rice and sweet & sour chicken. I ran into two parents from my school and they both thanked me for speaking up at the meetings and as I explain to them I am speaking for all of the parents. My son school is mixed and we have lots of parents who do not speak English as well as their kids. In what piss me off is this corporate men who feel like they are so much better and they judge first so they assume they can speak to a person like trash because they don’t understand. So I get so angry that I just “transform” as my husband and son like to tease me. That happened at the meeting when I went against the Director from The RSD. Basically, what is going on is the school my son attends is a charter school. They funding comes from private company and now the RSD Director wants to take the building back after opening the school on August 13th. He will not say why he want the building but after doing some research and making phone calls I was not surprise with the info I gather. MONEY MONEY MONEY…it’s the New Orleans way. So lets close down a school where the kids are passing doing very well ranking high and fire all of the out of town teachers and teachers from different parish that came here to teach. Class rooms are small ranging around 15-17 kids per class with a second teacher aid to assist. Anyway one of the parents came over after seeing her at Super Cajun to catch up on what’s our next step as parents. Talked with her for awhile before I have my last talk of the evening.
My last meeting was with someone very close to me…my 15 year old daughter which was draining but I got through it with yelling…YEAH!!

So how u doing…GLAM life of a Makeup Artist!!!!

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