I’m In Love…and not with a STRIPPER

It’s been a few weeks and I am still in love with Los Angeles. I am finding myself day dreaming and feeling unmotivated and that is so not like me. I can’t think about anything else but L.A. Some days I find myself just wanting to cry and just wanting to pick up in leave New Orleans. I’m not feeling nothing about New Orleans anymore At one time that’s all I wanted was to return back to NOLA and rebuild my home and business “BGD BEAUTY BAR”. Now I am just ready to leave.

It doesn’t help that some guy has copied my entire concept of my store “BGD BEAUTY BAR” and is opening his salon with all of my ideas. He is doing the martini parties, setting up a lounge in his waiting area, using displays the same as mine, serving tini’s and using the same name for his themes. So after finding that out I feel like there is nothing left for me here. Maybe GOD is telling me something.

I don’t know but I know I am so ready to get out of here. I have never had a city put it on me like this. I have to snap out of it soon because I can’t keep feeling like this, it’s not healthy. I can’t wait to feel the air, lay out on the beach, go shopping on Melrose Ave and see all the pleasant people. I hope to go back to L.A. after I am done with the tour and maybe I’ll take my family with me for the weekend.

I’m just lost without L.A….JUST HEARTBROKEN


3 Replies to “I’m In Love…and not with a STRIPPER”

  1. Don’t leave us BGD, we need some class here in New Orleans. Who is going to do our makeup?

  2. I hate to say this cuz you know how I feel about you but you need to get on out of New Orleans. I always told you that. You have to much talent to be hanging around. You are a great makeup artist and you will be a top makeup artist in Cali. So what are you waiting for? Do you need help packing?

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