A Penis That Smells Bad

The topic was A PENIS THAT SMELLS BAD ”.

As we are coming down from “Ray’s On The River” club (*) said she was going to open her on lounge. (S) said good then I can dance on the table and (*) said NO my club is for sophisticated people only. And (*) said her lounge will be for classy and older people. That’s when (C) said that the men the penis must smell good and if not they have to leave or go to the back of the line.
That’s when (*) just fell to the floor on the elevator and we all just started laughing. That’s when I grabbed my camera out of my purse so I can capture the rest of the conversation. Mind you, we always talk about everything…so it’s not crazy to me at least that this was the topic. (C) said instead of a VIP line we should have a PENIS line. She said she don’t care about the color or the size of the penis just it must SMELL GOOD.

The entire night we had such a great time. Because my schedule is so crazy we never get to hang out much any more. I leave this month to go on tour with L’Oreal cosmetics so I have to party hard with my girls as much as I possibly can.

Just looking at the videos and pics you can see all of the different personalities.



3 Replies to “A Penis That Smells Bad”

  1. Girl, you all are bad. Look like you all had a good time! That is just to funny. I have to watch it again.

  2. I saw your press release about working with the most bad ass sister (with an ass like that she’s a sister) Kim Mardashians. For them to select you u must be a bad bitch. I decided to check you out. You a mess…your girls are to. You all are just to funny. This shit with the smelly dick is funny as shit. I just keep watching and watching laughing my ass off at work. I better keep some febreeze with me at all times. I may run up on one. Girl, keep doing your thing you a superstar in my eyes.

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