WOW…Girls, it’s 2008 and it went fast as soon as I moved back to New Orleans my life has did a 360 for the best. So much has happen and I felt I have grown so much. Can you believe it at my age I am still growing and learning. My hubby and kids are also doing well especially my teen daughter. She’s growing into herself and she actually have a cool personality. Any spare time I had I made sure to spend with the family planning creative things to do as well as fun family trips. Being on tour and away from them any time I spend fills like I just won the lottery.

I’ve met so many amazing people in my career and lost relationships with family…that’s the sad part. Celebrity Makeup Artist Billy B and hairstylist Ruth Roche gave me great tips and thought I had it and was ready. My real friends are still in my life and we have gotten stronger but that’s real friends.

With all the crazy killing in New Orleans only one person in our life was killed and that was Officer Dukes who also built our home so you can only imagine how hurtful that’s been plus he and his wife was shot in their home on my birthday.

I did lots of traveling and flying in jets with Reggie Bush like I’m VIP or something:))) My schedule got so busy that I didn’t have enough time to write in my blog but that’s a great thing…it means I’m busy right? So that’s why I always tell people that my career is very important to me so I don’t have the time to talk on the phone, or gossip, or do things that will hurt my career. If it’s negative energy I don’t want any of it near me at all. Cuz the minute I entertain it negative shits happens to me and I don’t like it at all.

So with all that said I am so ready to do it bigger and my resume upgraded me and I am only able to go to the top. Let it be known I am going to FASHION WEEK this year…I know GOD heard my prayers so he’ll let me know and when he does I’ll let you all know.

Inside the life of a makeup artist…I’m really doing it:)))

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