Movin On Up like a big time MAKEUP ARTIST

Yes Lord…on Wednesday morning I get a call from the Marketing staff over at Planet Beach about working with them on an upcoming photo shoot for 5 days in Cozumel, Mexico. I’m like yes in deed…GOD has heard my prayers on New Years when I was talking to him while I was trying to fall asleep.

Once we went through if I was interested we spoke about getting me a current passport that they will pay for. So I rush to kinkos located downtown about 25 mins from the house with my son to take a picture. You know I had to make sure I looked cute right:))) And the lil guy and the girl working in that department thought I was kicks. Do that which took about a total of 8 mins head to 1 Canal Place the government office to get the passport. But was told I was to late and needed an appointment. You know I used my charms and was able to get it right. But had to return at 11:30 to get pick it up.

So this is the deal…I will be on the Carnival Fantasy Cruise working 2 days and party the 3 days. It will be 2 girls and 1 guy only. They invited me to attend the staff cocktail party that Monday night and then Tuesday night I can attend the Captain dinner with them so I need 1 casual dressy item and 1 formal item. I will be working 1 day on the cruise and the second day will be on the beach. They are paying for everything except my cocktails but that’s ok..I think I can handle that.

So now I have to starve my black ass for the rest of the days until I get my ass on that ship. See this is what I’m talking about starting the New Years off big time. And when I come back I have to be in Florida that next day for a photo shoot.

I thought I told you that I won’t stop… who I got that from..u know who…I got it from DIDDY:)))

You know pics will be posted as soon as I return.

Now that’s what I’m talking about…GLAM Life Of A Makeup Artist!!!

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