I am not trying to take KIM KARDASHIAN man…REGGIE BUSH

Baby Girl don’t have to worry that BGD is trying to take her man. I was just doing my job. Now I took cared of him for Kimmie so he would look good on his pics again just doing my job:))) CLOTHES, HAIR, MAKEUP just doing my job:))) See you all are acting like that show GOSSIP GIRL, he’s not my type and you know that boy don’t like black women. We do have 1 thing in common we both like PRETTY people:)))) And I like Kim Kardashian…I actually saw her at Fred Segal when I was in LA in August 07 and they were filming I guess for the show. She is really a pretty girl but I don’t get why she’s hated by women. Just about 95% of women are running around unnatural with hair color hair relaxers/perms/extensions, wearing makeup, getting nails, get facials, and I can go on. I am in drag everyday…so what. That’s another blog, shit. So why hate on KIM KARDSAHIAN?

The entire assignment was cool, being in the jet was my first time. He’s a sweet kid and would work with him again. Reggie was very professional and he even talked and smiled with me. Cuz I was crazy and my ass kept it how they say on the street…”KEPT IT REAL” with him. He wanted to take pics, I don’t know why he was smiling and he wanted to sign my book…I think it was something like…To The Best Makeup Artist or To My Makeup Artist…I don’t feel like going get it. He knew I had to get my hustle on and pimp the hell out of me working with him. Other than that I didn’t get out of line not my style and he didn’t either. Not see that Football Player BRETT FAVRE…he had me blushing. I liked him…see for yourself!!

STOP BEING BAD…Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist


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