GLAM Life of a Makeup Artist

Trying to be world wide…my black ass came down with a bad cold. But I had a great time doing it. The Planet Beach team and the owner Steve they party hard…like rock stars. The group that I was with The Marketing/Creative Director and PR made me feel like a part of the staff. But did I say they party. Cozumel was beautiful the water aqua blue and white sand how could I say no to this gig. Now you know I should have known better but I didn’t put any sun block on so I am feelin it. Face and arms burned I’m really colored now…

I am adding pics so you all can see how FAB I look. But working next to those tiny girls I need to only eat sunflower seeds the rest of the month. All we did was eat and drink and it now shows. But everybody else thought I was cute…the staff on the ship named me HOLLYWOOD. Overall, the trip was BAD ASS luv being treated well and I was able to produce so good work.

As soon as I got off the ship I had to route to Florida to work an assignment. So no time to rest living the life of a makeup artist in demand.