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This is my last thing for the night…I am exhausted and have come down with a cold. Being world wide makeup artist I guess I have to learn to take care of myself. Since I’ve been back from my last assignment I have been working nonstop…but I’m not complaining…shit, cuz it can get slow quickly. Let’s see I did this shoot with an ex Saints player who is now a photographer in New Orleans. He was shooting one of the 2008 Mardi Gras retail posters that will be sold all over Louisiana and other markets. So that was exciting just a little something that I don’t do often. Painting a mask on a model face honestly was challenging but I did what I do. That’s what I told the client since they flipped it on me from doing glam makeup to painting a mask. They asked after they changed do you think you could do the same look as a mask. I said, I’ma do what I do.

Carlton called me while I was on set about doing makeup for Offbeat Magazine the next day. He was shooting the cover so I went over to him for 1pm but come to find out I needed to be there for 2pm he forgot to call me to tell me they moved it back. So I basic set around and looked through the pics from Mexico. The editor and staff showed up about 1:30 and the model and her family came in about 2:15 so I had to hurry to do her makeup to make it across town for 3pm.

Received a lot of phone calls and had some emails to return when I got home. My web site is almost done worked on that for an hour sending the last of the revised info to Xavier who is still home in Europe. Because of the time difference it took us a minute to complete. Booked myself 4 weddings tonight…not to bad. Had a young lady asking about her Feb 09 wedding and I still need to respond to a bride who is getting married on Valentine Day next year.

I talked to Aaron last night about the photo shoot next month in Houston. He wanted to do something else with the title. It wasn’t popping enough and he’s right. It needed something extra so I told him to go with name for the shoot “BGD GLAM SUITE”. All girls likes that name so we knocked it out fast just a few phone calls back n forth, done. Plus Aaron knew that I wasn’t feelin well and wanted me to get some rest.

Let me tell you my schedule is busy again and I still have to get through Mardi Gras, All Star Weekend, BGD GLAM SUITE, and the L’Oreal Tour. And my goal is to drop 15 pounds by Feb 5th. Invites are already coming in for balls so I have to get the weight off fast.

So I am out for the night the thera-flu must be kickin in.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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