GLAM life of a makeup artist…where are u?

This weekend was kinda busy but isn’t it always. I had my meeting with Xavier Cabo who is my new web designer. Just doing a last minute walk through before the site goes LIVE. I am so excited….FINALLY!!!I have met with so many people who claim they can design a site and all of them was a piece of shit. I hate when people say they have a business and don’t know the first thing about running one. Just coming up with a name and making cards don’t make you a business person. Anyway, I had to get someone from Europe cuz these lazy ass people here don’t want to work.

One of my favorite regular clients need me…Mrs Doris Hicks…this women is FIERCE. Love her so much. Very east coast personality she just says it and move on. Had a few more people for eyelash extensions.

I had to do my first assignment in Baton Rouge and the weather was not working with me this morning. The shoot was so damn early and bad rain, cold and fog does not mix well at least for me. As usual I was the first person there and then maybe 20 mins later the marketing company shows up and the client was about 1.5 hrs late. The owner of the marketing company was sick and was not in the mood and didn’t like the location and decided to cancel the assignment. I’m just sitting in the green room already unpacked makeup laid out all the curling irons, flat irons and etc all plugged in. I can hear him on the phone with the client who does not want to cancel the shoot so they go back in forth about it. I’m just sitting in the directors chair looking at all this shit I have to put back and then he comes in and said it’s back on. Now this client is someone that I worked with a few times and every time we worked together he flirts and carry on. Because he’s a big doctor here in Louisiana I don’t want to say his name not for him but more for his wife. Because I know how he is going to behave I am more prepared for it and the marketing company know so they have someone in the room with me the entire time. The first time we worked together he got really out of line but he has calmed down a lot now because I want take his offers.

So now I head back to New Orleans for my second assignment. My girl Mel event was on Saturday her dad is in the President of The DUKES organization and they were having there ball. I had Mel, her sister and her mom to do. Why just why Erin didn’t do this girl hair. I am so disappointed with her right about now. You can’t just not book somebody in don’t show up. This is why I don’t like helping people. They ask for the work they and when the work comes they run. I understand that everybody is not as passionate as I am about what they do but still be professional. So Mel at the last minute has to look for a hairstylist on such a big day like this. Wait until I find her. I’ve been trying to reach Erin while I was working in Mexico and she hasn’t called me back so I know Mel was telling me the truth.

After that Michael, Star and I go out to eat at Juan Burritos and get drinks cuz I needed it. I was so tired that I only had 2 frozen margarita’s…can you believe that?

Glam Life of a Makeup Artist

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