Going to L’Oreal VIP Event

I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight
and I am all out of breathe trying to calm my
crazy ass down. I left my cell phone in the car
playing around with Star. Ok, this is what
happen. I went to pick her up so she
could drop me off and then use my car
while I am gone. We do this all the time
when I have assignments out of town.
anyway she was teasing me about being
VIP that she went in purchased something for me
for my VIP trip. We pull up to US Airways
and she presented something to me as
I was getting out the car. It was a large
beautiful bottle of GUCCI perfume. You all
know how I luv scents/perfumes. I luv to
smell like I bathed in perfumes. I got so
excited that I when I gave my bags to the sky
caps I forgot to unplug my cell phone from
charger. I get in check my bags go through
security and noticed that something weird
was going on with me. My phone has not
rung not one time. I look in my handbag
and could not find my phone. I looked
in my carry on bag no phone. I started
freaking out. Really freaked out because
on this trip I did not bring my computer so
I would not have any access to my family
my emails or business. by now I am having
a panic attack. I am smelling amazing but
going into production not looking really
VIP right about now. I asked one of the stores
if I could use the phone and this lady
was so sweet she let me make a phone
call and I contacted Michael who told me
that Star saw the phone and was on her
way back to me. The airport employee allowed me to leave my
items with her as I run back to drop off.
I only had 15 mins to run back and get
to my gate before it took off. God was with
me I was able to make it back just in time
to sit down and catch my breath. I am
now sitting on the plane looking out the wondow
as I write this blog. I am so grateful to
have common sense people in my life.
So when I get back to New Orleans I
will take Star out to dinner and drinks.
I know she will love that. Well, I gotta
go have to turn the phone off.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist.

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