BGD Makeup Artistry is Reopening

Girls…I signed a lease to a new storefront
on yesterday morning!!! I am so excited
about it. Now this time around I will only
be doing services by appointment only.
Because I am going to continue to travel
with L'Oreal and other clients I don't want
to get stuck at the store and limit myself.

Now I don't have a set date to open. I
have a lot of booked days that @ don't
have a lot of time to shop like I would
like. I still have to schedule going down
to city hall to get new permits. I have to
schedule lights, phone and etc to be
turned on. I need to order new checks
and all the things it takes to open. Maybe
this way I won't stress out because I
am not given myself a deadline. I am so
at the point in my life that I don't let
all of that simple shit stress me out
anymore. I am just grateful that I am able
to open.

So stay tune to see how things go…this
is so MAJOR!!

Glam LIfe of a Makeup Artist

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  1. Hey Brandy, I am so happy for you. I know how big this is for you to reopen. You were the best Mentor a young entrepreneur could have had!Tamicha

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