Great News

Yesterday I was coming in the house and
you all know how my babies are they
rush the door barking and jumping and
crying for me to pick them up. As always
my phone rangs as I am trying to get
through the doors and I can hear the phone
announce Heidi. So I am rushing to get to
my phone. but my sensitive ass phone
hung up. So I hurry to put them outside
so I could call my agent back. Normally,
if Heidi calls then that means work. I call
the office back and Sylvia answer and
placed me on hold because Keith wanted
to speak with me. So I knew it was about
to be something BIG. Cuz Keith is the
owner. Keith comes to the phone after
leaving me a message. So he comes to the
phone sounding all dry in business with no
emotion in his voice. So, I couldn't read his
tone. He goes “I just received a call from the
NBA and they want to book you for next
year All Star in Phoenix, AZ”. He gave me the
dates and said she confirmed me but has
to get back to me about my crew. They may
just use a crew out there and I will be in
charge of them. So, how cool is that???
2009 I will be The Official Makeup Artist for The NBA All-Stae Weekend 2009.

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