Quick update of this week….

It is now 9:45 pm and I am finally done for the week…the evening…and can now have a me moment. I have a 6 pack of red stripe beer being chill and snacks and the kids have retired to their rooms and Miko & Ani are sleeping on the bed next to me. Michael is doing a walk through and washing the kids school clothes still.

Natalie came by the studio today she was in town for a second meeting with the staff of a very popular reality show so when she was done she stop by to say hi. I wanted to get a lot done today because this week I just want to work on the little touches. The week days are way to crazy to get things done so I had the entire family helping with something. They love it because they get to spend time with mommie and we get to do projects together.

Courtney stopped by to pick up a check from me for payment of the assignment we did this weekend at The Ritz Carlton. The client Molly B. from Dallas paid me for everything and I cut Courtney her half. I am so glad Friday & Saturday is over. I stressed my ass off about it. I was scared that Courtney wasn’t going to show because of the personal things that are going on in her life right now. This is not the first time that the hair stylist that I refer hasn’t showed up. Speaking of hair stylist MISS ERIN calls me this Saturday after not seeing her since New Years Eve at my home. She has not returned phone calls to my clients that I haved refered her to or she has not shown up to the actual assignment that she was boked for. Anyway…with Coutney having problems she has not been practing on hair styles as well as her speed, which is very important. Doing hair at a salon is different from production work, photo shoots, and weddings. But at the end she pulled it off but still have to get better at speed. So I am proud of her for not allowing her personal problem to effect her work.

I missed one of my items that were supposed to be delivered due to working on location so I now have to wait 1 more day to get it now. Like a little kid I am so excited…this item is my GLAM piece for the studio so you know I can’t wait to unwrap that box on tomorrow.

I had the one hour http://www.THEKNOT.com conference this week which was very enlighten. Because I have been so busy that I never make appointment with my rep to discuss how things are going. So, I was glad that I was able to do this one.

They sent over the L’Oreal tour dates starting in August going to October but I don’t know if I will be able to do all of those dates because I do have dates booked with weddings and other events around that time. Plus, my B-DAY is October 13 so I don’t know if I want to be on the road for that special day. Then I don’t want to be that long away from the studio especially with me just opening it. I will be in Houston for 1 week doing makeup with L’Oreal so I think this time I will shorten my trip.

I had to miss the French Quarter Festival this year but I did get to party Saturday night a little with the girls…it was Courtney birthday weekend so we took her out and popped so MOET all night. Courtney wanted to go to some new club called NV on Poydras Street…I am just glad they didn’t spell it ENVY…the way I spell my daughter name. Then she wanted to go to The Chocolate Bar on Tulane and Broad. I know I know not my cup of tea but that was her preference and because it wasn’t about me I went to celebrate. As long as I could hear Usher single “Love In the Club”…I am ok.

I had a lot of bridal consultations this week some days back 2 back. So at least my brides are keeping me busy. People are still getting married not just in New Orleans but all over the world. I have weddings in Baton Rouge, Houston, Florida, Maryland and how can I forget about my July wedding in Jamaica.

I am getting tired…I think getting up at 5:30 am on Saturday for the first wedding party in Metairie and then the second group at the Ritz then trying to go out last night like a young girl and stay out until 3ish. I think it’s all catching up with me plus my red stripe is calling me right about now.

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