Makeup & Martini…this weekend

I am so excited trying to get everything ready for Saturday….”MAKEUP & MARTINI” like old times. You know I wasn’t going to do anything big and flashy for the opening just staying low key. But I just recently was told about “MOET ON MAGAZINE” event that will take place on my street. So I figure I needed to get my black ass moving in start getting the studio together. If women were going to be on this street that evening of course they were going to stop in. Women have been doing that now and I am not finished putting things in, haven’t gotten my makeup order in yet. It’s been a delay at the plant. Pictures are not up on the wall, my vinyl lettering are not up yet…so I can go on and on…but women have been seeing me in here and have been knocking on the glass wanting to come in. That means Saturday evening is going to be worst. So now I am getting a little crazy. I really just wanted this to be a more relax opening you know.

This weekend was suppose to be more about my son…me celebrating with him. Yesterday, we get a call from his school that Jordan has been tested as a gifted student in the arts. Now this is a VERY BIG deal for me. Because when I was a kid my parents didn’t get me, they didn’t know what to do with me. Understand, they are immigrants from Honduras so all they wanted was for me to go to college and get a degree and have a office job and my name on the door and getting insurance. Back then they didn’t get all this fashion, hair and makeup stuff. I remember when this guy came to our house from the school of arts and offer me a full scholarship and board my parents turned it down. I was so crushed and they never supported what my love and talent was. To this day they care less about all of this. Anyway, I got so excited and his score was extremely high like on one test he scored a 14 out of a 15. So he missed 1 thing and the shading department. But with practice in time he will do better. So they would like to have him come out next month to this school for testing. So I had to contact L’Oreal/tour manager this morning to let her know that I have to miss the last day of the tour but I have not heard back just yet from her. I am sure they will understand. This is an opportunity that I cannot allow him to miss.

So I wanted to do a dinner with him on Saturday but I guess I can move it to Friday or Sunday. I am so extremely proud of him. He love to sketch and make things at home so I guess it’s in his blood.

Saturday night…I’ll have two things to celebrate. I will have “MAKEUP & MARTINI” from 5:30pm and stop around 9:00pm nothing big just a little toast to reopening you know. Just a few people stopping in and out getting services and mingling is all we will be doing so if you girls want to stop by…not a problem.


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