Makeup & Martini

Saturday night was awesome and I had such a great time with friends, supporters and also old clients that I haven’t seen since I been back. Michael was amazing as usual, talking to a lot of new clients, taking pictures making drinks….y’all know how he do. He is such a big fan!! Also, my girl Jamielynn who just came into my life last year also went all out bringing me snack trays. How sweet was that. She was like you can never have enough and she just went out for me and that’s what you call supporting. She didn’t play that game that people do you…you know when they say…”girl, why didn’t you tell me or girl, why didn’t u ask me”.

The weather was great and a lot of new people stopped by to say hi…they just wanted to meet me after hearing about me. You know me…come in…get a drink…have a good time cuz that’s what I am about. We ended up making pomegranate martini’s…they were excellent. Jamielynn suggested and my hubby made it and I just had to tweak it a little sweeter.

I was surprise at how many guys stopped by and actually like the way the store look. I feel bad that I don’t remember his name but this DA stopped by with his family and he loved the decor and my workstation. Of course, not a makeup store or spa or salon in New Orleans has the same workstation as mine so we said if anyone pops up with them we know they got the idea from me. Of course someone will copy cuz they did after I opened the beauty bar. They use to take pics from the outside and come in and bring in friends with them and take notes. Girls use to do that with lashes, pretend to be clients and have a friend try to stand by me to watch and then start doing it themselves. I hear about the stories all the time. My favorite are the ones who come in and ask me questions or calls and get angry when I call them on it. I tell people all the time don’t let all this makeup, hair and bling fool you. Y’all don’t know my mom, uncles, family and associates I use to run with. I see the bullshit or the manipulation coming before you even open your mouth. Sometimes I just play with you if I am in the mood but if I am not I’ll shut you down quick.

Overall, the evening was a success and I even had clients who wanted services. I stopped taking clients at 10ish. I was really tired and I thank everyone that came out…DUPLESSIS family, luv y’all… clients, friends, supporter… I LOVE U

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