I am in bed trying to watch The Hills eating sunflower seeds and drinking a Corona beer. I am so tired that I haven't done anything but change my clothes turned on the tv and grabbed a beer. I am way to tired to fall asleep, you ever get like that.

The tour is going well. All of my favorite people are working. I am so glad that all of the dumb bullshit is not going on like last year. I just worry about my girl Roni cuz she been spotting and that's not good with her being 6 months along.

When I get back home my schedule is going to be crazy cuz I will be working with The Style network again. I have Kristin Holt on Sunday, The Kardashians on Monday and Thom Filicia on Tuesday. Two weddings next week plus 3 dates of L'Oreal gigs. So my schedule will keep me away from the studio and I still have to get Devin trained.

I am so overdue with calling Wendy and I need to just wake up about 5am to finish designing my Gambit ad and return emails and write up a few wedding contract.

So let me go get some sleep so I can get up in work.

Glam Life OF A Makeup Artist

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