Gomez Family

As you know I am in Houston this weekend for the L’Oreal tour so while I am here I made time to sneak off to come see my mom and family (Princessis, Sunshine, Blake, and Darrin). I am trying to cram everything in this visit but of course it won’t be enough time. Princessis came with me to get more makeup for Kim Kardashian photo shoot on Monday. We decided that we are going to try to get together to go see New Kids On The Block if they come to New Orleans or Houston. We had such a great time together. She got a chance to see how crazy my life is and how demanding my clients are and she gets it now. I always say people think I exaggerate sometimes about how hectic it is or can be but when they hang out with me for a full day they see and they change there opinions about how they are feeling. Now they understand I don’t stay away or don’t call cuz I am being bitchy but I am really that busy.

So it was great to see everybody again it’s been so long and so overdue.

Tomorrow back to normal.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

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