Sunday in New Orleans

So I did the school thing with my son Jordan this morning as well as go to an early morning assignment for The Style Network. I had my baby girl Jessica Deben from L.A. come out to help me with makeup and Cara Rost assist with the hair. Kristin Holt was staying at the J.W. Marriott hotel on Canal Street. She is such a sweet girl and very pretty. She is now living in L.A. but she’s a southern girl from Dallas. We hit it off right away. She joked with me about my business cards. Like everybody kidds me about my Hollywood glam shot. So we took pics like I did in the picture and you’ll see she did it better than me. Now how is that possible????

So after we finished working Jessica and I went to my studio to hangout and unwind before hitting the streets. Jessica finally got to see the new place. She loved it but of course she would…like why wouldn’t she…

We headed over to Kano crazy ass and he changed up Kunflama…again. But I like it a lot it looks much larger. Not long after J. Renee stopped by whom I haven’t seeing what in 2 years. The first thing I tell her is “WHEN ARE U COMING TO PICK UP YOUR SHIT”. I have been hauling her 2 largest pieces since Katrina and every time she comes in town she said she will come get them and she never does. So I think I’ll just place them on my wall at my home. I know each piece is worth like a 2 grand.

Then we decide to go across the street cuz something was going on in the park (music, drinks, food)y’all know the typical NOLA shit. I see everybody…and then Jessica start buying drinks so you know that means it’s an all day thing. Mind you, I haven’t been home or in NOLA for 24 hours yet nor have I’ve eaten anything but a granola bar and now I’m drinking. We stay to hang out with Glen Jones, Lionel Milton, Regan, and some other folks. My hubby is texting me “When are you coming home”. Glen and I go back inside Kunflama by Kano who was busy with customers. So we hang out in the front of the store while Jessica is doing makeup on J. Renee who was getting ready for her date with some restaurant owner she met at Jazz Fest. I think I stayed out for a few more hours and then headed home cuz I had to be up for 5am to get ready for the second assignment with Style Network. I have the KARDASHIAN FAMILY who I love so much.

I’ve had enough to drink did enough catching up. BGD got a man at home that I need to go see.


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