A Day With The Kardashians

It has been a long day and I still have one more early day left for this week. I got up this morning for 4:00am had to go by the studio to get extra lashes for Kim cuz she loves them. The guys from Jerk and Jon Couture met me at the studio so they could dress me with one of their tops they made for me. Plus, they had a gift bag for each of the girls including Kris Jenner. I picked up Jessica from her aunt’s home which is about 7 mins from the studio.

We were a few minutes early but Kris had already called the front desk to let them know she was expecting us. We headed up to her room to set up. The girls were still asleep and Kris was ordering breakfast and had just stepped out of the shower. She still had her towel wrapped around her when we came in. She was such a sweetheart, and we chatted for a few minutes then Jessica and I started setting up. Cara finally arrived who was helping us with hair and Nicole arrived about 15 mins later. Kris wanted me to do her makeup, she likes drag makeup like me and she assigned Jessica to her mother’s makeup. The girls finally started waking up. Khloe was tired cuz she told me she had a party to host the night before at the Playboy’s mansion. I really didn’t talk a lot to Kourtney cuz Jessica did her makeup. Kris wanted me to do Kim when she arrived. Kim stayed at her condo with Reggie so she was a little late. But I knew her makeup style so I was able to knock it out really fast. So everybody made it on time. The limo came for 9:30am so we said our goodbyes and we went to eat breakfast in the Quarters.

I’m not a breakfast person so I didn’t really care where the girls wanted to eat. They found some nasty place called Malone’s. I will never eat there again. I don’t do leftovers and just crushing ice don’t make that a frozen rita. I can’t believe I threw away $20 on that nasty shit. Plus customer service was horrible. I think it took a little over two hours for everything.

By now everyone is getting a little tired. We walk back to the where our makeup bags and Nicole car was at Iberville Suites. Jessica comes back with me to the studio cuz I still had clients schedule for later. Carlyn stops by 5 mins after we get there. She came to bring me a damask mirrored jewelry box. You all know how much I am into DAMASK prints. I love my friends…everybody is so good to me. She didn’t stay long she just wanted to bring my gift by.

We hangout and had some friends stop by to see us. Erica came by who was on the TV show Survivor with Jessica about 1 year ago I think. Jessica did her makeup so they could go have lunch. Leah stop by for a few minutes to say hi. Both Leah and Jessica lives in L.A. so they see each other often. I’m the only one that is still in the N.O. Leah wants me to come out to L.A. to do makeup for her grand opening event coming up soon. She is kicks. She thought I was asking her if she needed a date for the event but I was asking her when was the date for the opening. The funny thing is she was like,OK. I laughed so hard.She is so cute…but really her daughter is beautiful.

After everybody left I got some work done. I was trying to play catch up from being gone all last week and I was able to get to all of my clients. I think I stayed at the studio for a few hours more and then headed home cuz I know I have an early day in the morning.


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