The Kupcake Factory

Since I didn’t have anyone on my books today I took this opportunity to spend a fun day with my kids and Star. So we started out today at my favorite treat spot…The Kupcake Factory in Kenner. You all know I don’t do Kenner but this is so worth the crazy traffic. This is why my body looks like it does because of treats like this. My favorites are:Wedding Cake, Caramel Apple, White Chocolate and Double Vanilla.
Wait…I ate so much this time that my black ass got sick cuz I also had the Banana Foster gelato and a bottle of granny apple soda. The kids seem to enjoy the cupcakes and my baby boy Jordan loved the mango gelato.

If you all are looking for a great treat for mom, sister, bff or anyone special you have to get a dozen of cupcakes from The Kupcake Factory. If you want to get on my good side this is a treat with a bottle of Riesling wine or Champagne.

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