Sex And The City Pre Party

Tonight is the first event to kick off “SEX AND THE CITY” movie that will show on tomorrow night. In order for me to do this I had to take myself off the books well not completely off the books but I stopped taking clients at a certain time. Cuz what normally happens is I help to get everybody to look amazing and then there is never enough time for me to look GLAM. Wait till u see the pics I have lost some weight…U know who I am doing it right??? Lots of sunflower seeds, salads, pomegranate juice, cocktails, and grilled chicken. Really…that’s my diet:))))…And I have been able to get my big ass in my new skinny jeans from LA. I have about 10 more pounds to go. So, I rather lose money so I can take time to look just as good as everyone else…I KNOW…HOW VAIN…

So, tonight we have the first event at the W Hotel for 7:00pm. All the girls are coming out tonight and also my new baby girl Jamielynn. I got to Star for 7:00 and then we arrived at 7:15 so not to bad. Shontell was already there and she said it was crowded already. Earlier that day on my way home I stopped by to bring Lane the bar manager the gift certificates to place in the gift bag. Because I wasn’t looking to cute I illegal parked, ran in and thank godness he was right byt he door with the Stilleto Vodka reps. Of course they all wanted to talk but I told them I was in a rush can’t be seen looking like this. So gave him the package and got my ass out cuz I know I was going to need at least two hours to get ready. Yall know how much production it is for me when I get ready. I need the bathroom to be warm, smelling wonderful, the water the perfect tempertaure, music blasting, a few glasses of wine, a light snack, and all my makeup spread out cuz I never know how I am going to do my makeup. Tonight I wanted to exfoliate my skin and air brush myself with a bronzer so I had a lot to do. Plus, I stop and prance around the room and bathroom, then I have to play with my bling jews and so it takes some time if I want to be really cute.

So after all that bullshit I do we finally get there and have an amazing time. We had so much fun. Drinks was flowing all night so you know we were a hot mess. And yall know the the hotel does not have a dance floor but by the end of the night we created one when my baby boy Lil Wayne “Lollipop” came on. Actor Isaiah Washington took tons of pics with us and laughed at our crazy asses and said we really are the black verison of SATC girls…we tried to tell him!!!

A lot of associates came out and my Saturday bride Roma Jolly who is cousin to the governor Bobby Jindal came out an she inrtoduced me to all her entrougage. By that time I was feelin to good so I don’t really remeber who I met. I love Roma…she’s a party girl and loud just like me so we hit it off so well. When she came by earlier that day for the first time we laughed and laughed like old buddies.

I really don’t know what time we called it quit that night or how we ended the night. I know we took tons of pics and took lots of pics of us, the hotel did as well. All that damn dancing I will feel it tomorrow I bet. We had a great time I know that. I am so glad that I was smart enought to not schedule an early client on Friday morning. I love the gold key chains that was given to us. I am so glad they arrived in time for the movie.


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