Sex and The City…last day

Well today, I have 2 weddings both here in the city so I don’t have to run all over the state like it has been lately. My first wedding is bride Caroline from Memphis so I had to go to Bourbon Orleans to do her in a few of the girls. I didn’t have enough time to do any additional faces like they wanted cuz I have my girl Roma waiting for me at The Lowe’s. This is why I tell brides to make sure their girls understand if they don’t tell me in advance I won’t be able to add them on when I am done because I am usually booked for another wedding or assignment. That’s what happen with this group. I loved this bride she was amazing very gentle and her mom was very supportive and helped out a lot.

On my way down I saw Besty a friend of Jessica. We only met once but I know of her through Jess. Both Betsy and another young lady Natalie was also just wrapping up. Natalie is a stylist that came to my old Beauty Bar to do hair at an event I had. So I was able to chat with them while I wait about 25 mins for my car. I am so freakin out cuz they were making me late for Roma. How on a Saturday hotels are short staffed. Who’s the manager. Y’all know how I get talking crazy to everybody but they deserved it getting me all stressed and shit. I get in touch with Roma and baby girl was like our just send a limo to come get you. I was ready to jump in a cab and then they finally bring my car. Driving like a craze woman just making crazy turns going down one way streets driving on 2 wheels…really…i was.

I get to The Lowe’s and I don’t think I turned the car off before I start jumping out grabbing my bag, my kit and my purse. Now this group is just looking at me like they were scared to approach me. I’m cussing and yelling take my keys give me a damn tickets get out my way what’s wrong with y’all …hurry up…just being BOSSY… but I was mad that they were just standing there looking at me.

I make it up to Roma we are both on the phone talking to each other. I told y’all she’s loud like me so I can hear her voice so I am just following the voice. She tells me that they moved around the picture taken and everything was ok. Her husband like your good just relax we are on time. So I do her makeup and make her look amazing. This look is totally different from the first. More pink and this time I had to make her much much lighter. When I was done she looked like a baby doll. I touch up her mom when she arrived.

I had to freshen up so while I wait for the sitter to arrive I do my makeup and once I let her in I left to go back to the studio to change clothes and meet Michael so we could go to the wedding. She wanted me to come and attend and meet her uncle Governor Bobby Jindal and his wife.

When we get back to the Lowe’s the guys at the door and the valet guys all give me a hard time telling Michael how crazy I was talking to them and yelling at everybody down there. They thought I was cute so that’s why they let me get away with that foolishness. The wedding was beautiful very colorful and the food and music was nice as well. I love spicy food so that didn’t bother me. Roma introduce me to everyone and the table she had us sitting they knew who I was so that was a good feelin. She got me on the dance floor but I was acting shy. It was funny when I was touchin her lips up I went onto my skirt band to get the lip color and brush the security guys thought I was reaching for something and through the corner of my eyes I could feel them stepping closer to me to see what I was doing. So when she brought me over to her uncle all eyes were on me.

We stayed for a little while longer and then headed out cuz I still had a party across the street to attend. So one more clothes change for the evening this time in the car. You know like old times just take shit off anywhere.

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