Yes, the big night is finally here. We are all so excited!!! Didn’t hurt this morning like I thought. I was actually up at 7ish so I didn’t do that much damage to myself. I have a light day today at the studio. Michelle D. came by to get her lashes and my Saturday bride Roma Jolly came by for makeup and hair appointment. Yeah, her culture allows them to celebrate all week the wedding. I don’t even want to think what Michael and I and my girls would be like if we celebrated all week our wedding. I would be hurtin really I think I would have to get taken it to the hospital cuz it would be bad.

Now Roma was hurtin a little but she made it to her appointment. Shontell came by to get Envy and Devin and Carlyn and I have to meet up with them after work. The showing for our movie was at 7:10 and since we went to Canal Place it didn’t take me long to get there. When we picked the tickets up they were already sold out so I am so glad that we got our tickets early.

The movie was awesome…LOUD…but amazing. I have to see it again cuz I was so excited and so was all the other women and men that was that I didn’t hear everything with all the laughing and talking. I love the soundtrack and my favorite songs are “Labels or Love” by Fergie and New York Girls.

Our reservation for dinner at Houston’s Restaurant was for 9pm but they allowed us a little time to get there…Got that Juice….Dinner was amazing and I am so glad that my daughter was able to hang out with me and the girls. She said she needed a full day to recoup from all of us but I know she loves us even if we are a little OFF.


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