On The Radio…July 3rd

On July 3rd I was invited to come on Old School 106.7fm radio with the home team(LBJ, Kelder, Jinky Ashey& Big Abe) to discuss the makeup Do’s & Don’t during Essence Music Festival Weekend. Because I have been on the show in the past about 5 years ago and do have a relationship with LBJ & Kelder. I knew that this would be funny. I was able to go on the show after working with Angela Burt Murray and Miki Taylor from Essence Magazine because I had enough of a break. After going on the show as well as doing makeup for the Home Team I was able to leave from there to go straight to City Hall to meet at the Mayor’s Office.

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  1. I heard you on the show sound great!!! Not bad for someone who has been up for 3ish. Essence Magazine must love you.

  2. Is this a popula radio station? Look like you all were having fun. How cool!

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